Monday, 16 June 2014

Adventuring in the Forest

Today my littlest sister Belle and I went for a long walk up to the woods to have a picnic lunch. There wasn't really much to see, unfortunately the path down to the river was padlocked and the fields were all long grass and bugs, but we did find a creepy clearing that had obviously flooded and become a lagoon, you can see it behind me in these photos. It's extra creepy really because I'm sure when I used to go walking down here when I was younger kids used to make dens in the clearing, and now it's all underwater.

I wore my Topshop jeans, Vans and a Primark jumper which meant I was just a little bit too warm, especially as the sun came out on our way home. I also took my trusty Asos Men's backpack to hold our picnic blanket and my cameras :)