Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vintage Floral Blouse

I do struggle in the summer, I'm just such an avid wearer of black things, it's hard to add the essential lighter colours into my wardrobe when the sun comes out. This blouse is one my Gran gave me yesterday, it actually has a matching skirt but I thought that might be a bit much, I didn't want to look like a garden. I did however find the exact same patterned skirt in a charity shop today, which was amusing if not a bit weird.

Blouse: Vintage via my Gran
Vest: ancient and unknown
Jeans: Topshop Joni jeans
Shoes and sunglasses: H&M

Today I took myself charity shopping and I got a pretty little summer outfit and some awesome new shoes, which I'll post about soon :) I also had my first Starbucks Frappuccino of the year which means it's officially summer!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I Wear My Grandma's Clothes / I Look Incredible

Today we had a very fun trip to my Grandparents' house to help my Gran clear out some of her old clothes. A lot of lovely dresses are destined for the dress agency in town, a big bag of stuff is going to the charity shop and an cheeky bag of things has worked its way into my vintage-hungry and bargain-obsessed wardrobe.

It was so much fun to see my Gran pulling out all these carefully-wrapped up dresses and telling us whose wedding or christening or birthday she wore them to. It's a shame that she's getting rid of so much stuff but I guess it would be more of a shame to let her clothes sit in the wardrobe where nobody will see them. The most exciting find was definitely my Mum's wedding dress, I never realised how detailed and...puffy it was! Of course I scampered off to try it on and even though it was way too small I still squished my way into it for comedic value, and to scare my boyfriend with Snapchat photos, obvs.

I found this photo hanging in the hallway at my Gran's house so I snapped it for comparison; as you can see, my Mama looked so much better in it, although to be fair she could actually fasten the buttons at the back haha! Check out the floral crown too, what a trendsetter!

I didn't take many photos of actual clothes because I got too excited, but look at the lovely patterns and details on some of this stuff!

Things for the dress agency. I really love the middle dress but it is too big for me :(

Beautiful details on a jacket and dress my Gran wore for one of my Aunties' weddings (I can't remember which!)

Some co-ordinating blouse/skirt sets I nabbed :)

My Gran also found this lovely pink coat for me; I never ever wear pink but I actually like this one, although it is a bit old-lady-ish and a bit too big. I hope pink coats stay 'fashionable' for a bit longer, it's too hot to wear one at the moment!

I also found this beautiful grey parka in my Grandad's wardrobe which my Gran let me have, and even though it's obviously a men's one and way too big for me, I can't help but love it. It's all lined with fleecy fabric, and it has a drawstring at the waist to make it a bit less sack-like, and it has a hood. What a winner!

Hopefully over the next few weeks, if the weather stays nice, I can post some summer outfit photos with my new floral skirts and blouses. My Mum and Auntie and Granny were laughing at me for grabbing all these old clothes, but I'll make them work, and I'll have saved a fortune on summer clothes and winter coats, and then who'll be laughing?!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Cadbury's World

Yesterday afternoon we went to Birmingham; one of my sisters lives there for Uni and the other is about to start a month of work experience at Cadbury's (!!!), so we went to visit the former and drop off the latter at her new accommodation. We arrived in Birmingham a bit earlier than we planned, so my parents decided we should pop to Cadbury's world for a cup of tea. We didn't actually go into the exhibition, just looked around the shop and the cafe, but oh my it was so amazing! I can't wait to go back and properly look around one day!

Here's me in all my excitement!
(Tu t-shirt, Topshop Mom jeans, H&M shoes, Primark cardi and Zara bag)

This isn't the best-lit photo but the cafe had all these clouds and empty milk bottles hanging from the ceiling, it was so cute! And they had old Cadbury's adverts playing on TVs, it was awesome! The Olympic Creme Egg ones were our faves

Here is the Cadbury's Gorilla (does anyone remember him?!) wearing my Dad's hat

Bertie Bassett, he was wiggling and talking and it was a bit creepy really

My Mum flirting with the Cadbury's cow, again wearing my Dad's hat

And of course, no grand day out would be complete without a gratuitous selfie (with my littlest sister Belle, who starts her first day working at Cadbury's today, good luck!)