Thursday, 24 April 2014

Throwback Thursday, 2006-2009

It was my sister's 21st birthday a few weeks ago and as I was shuffling through all the photos off my old laptop, looking for a baby photo to embarrass her with on Facebook, I found a load of old 'outfit' photos I'd taken. I've never had an outfit blog before this one, so the majority of these photos were taken out of boredom, vanity, or the MySpace mentality, and I thought it would be fun to make a little timeline to see how much my style has changed. I'm also so tempted to create a hair timeline too, I used to LOVE the hair timelines people posted on Mad Rad Hair on LiveJournal, oh how times change!

Summer, 2006

This is probably the oldest selfie I have stored on my computer, and trust me, I used to take a LOT! Check out the awesome flip phone and MySpace pose, what a winner. I spent a lot of time in 2006 and 2007 being ill, and I ended up pretty tiny as a result of that - you'd never catch me in such a clingy t-shirt nowadays!

Spring, 2008

For some reason I don't have any photos of myself from 2007, but perhaps that's for the best! I can just about recall the skinny jeans vs massively baggy trousers decision every Saturday before town (it depended what everyone else was wearing), braces and two belts and so much eyeliner. 2008 was all about jeans and baggy t-shirts for me as I wasn't exactly body confident! I do actually still have the t-shirt from the above photo (it's a band t-shirt I got from a Kills concert) but now it is strictly pyjama-wear.

2008 was when I properly got into records and film photography, check out my Polaroid wall in the background! I had a fisheye lens and I thought I was Alison Mosshart. Except clearly I didn't know how to buy jeans that fit properly, sigh.

Summer, 2008

Apparently I finally realised that there were other things to wear besides skinny jeans and I started to embrace high-waisted skirts. That phase stuck around really, I still regularly opt for skirts over jeans, well done young Rosie!

Autumn, 2008

Going to Sixth Form and actually being able to wear whatever I wanted is probably what started me taking these outfit photos. I never did anything with them, but I did take a fair few. I remember wanting this particular Topshop skirt for ages but it was so expensive, then I found this size 16 in the sale and safety pinned it to fit me. Sounds like something I would do today, anything for a bargain! Also might be worth noting that I still use this camera for my outfit photos today!

Spring, 2009

I'm actually so jealous of early 2009-Rosie's style! I had these awesome white jazz pumps for my birthday that went with everything, I miss them so much!

Oh and I had slightly blonde hair and this beautiful blue Topshop skirt which I paid full price for. I still have this white t-shirt but it definitely doesn't hang off me like it used to anymore!

Winter 2009

I apologise for the absolutely awful quality of this photo, I'm pretty sure it's a webcam one from my old desktop computer. As you can see I still had not grasped the concept of jeans that fit properly! I do however still occasionally wear this top from H&M. The scarf in this photo was also from H&M but I somehow lost it on a shopping trip to Telford a few years ago. I'm still pretty distraught about that as it was my favourite scarf of all time ever, I would pay quite a lot of money to have it back, and I do still occasionally scour eBay in case one pops up.

This post has been quite fun to write and almost equally as cringey. I might one day do a 2010-2013 version but there are a lot of memories in those computer folders that I'm not sure I can face yet!

Friday, 18 April 2014

My Skincare Routine #2

I was mooching through some of my old blog posts the other day and I found a post I wrote about my skincare routine. It was quite amusing really to see how much my routine has changed since I've got more into blogging, reading reviews and more aware of different brands. While it's still true that I tend to stick to what I'm used to, I do enjoy an occasional sample of something new, and I do like to alternate between two or three products throughout the week, just because I can!

lush loreal benefit clarins

So, from left to right I present to you:

This stuff is just super, it smells lovely and it looks crazy - how often do you find a black facial cleanser?! I tend to use this maybe once a week, just for some extra scrubby-goodness. Apparently you can also use it on your body, but I try to save it just for my face so it lasts even longer.

I use this almost every day, it's a very gentle exfoliator but it's tough enough to make my skin feel fresh and clean. It smells like lavender but not in an overpowering way, I generally can't stand lavender but I make an exception for this! 

I turned 23 last month and around that time I started to notice genuine wrinkles under my eyes. Everyone I've shown has said that I'm being paranoid, but still, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start taking some precautions. I massage this cream into the skin under my eyes before bed, and then a little bit into my neck, forehead and cheeks too. I haven't noticed a massive difference although the bags under my eyes might possibly be a bit lighter. I have been getting a lot more sleep recently though so I'll have to report back on this one when it comes to mega stressful exam time!

I've never really been 'wowed' by a moisturiser, so I'll try anything just out of interest. This one smells lovely and feels thick when you put it on but still sinks in well. This was a sample from a Benefit event last month, and I probably wouldn't splash out on a full-price one, but I am enjoying using this while it lasts.

This is a lovely toner for helping to reduce redness, and it makes my skin feel really fresh after using it. I just spray a bit onto some cotton wool and wipe it over my face, especially across my nose and between my eyebrows.

(Bunny full of cotton wool from Tiger)

I use this once a week if my skin is looking a bit crap, it feels really nice on and I do notice a difference to my skin throughout the day - it looks and feels a lot fresher. If I could afford to, I would use this more, but I want to savour it as it was quite expensive!

(Washing machine teapot, for decorative purposes only)

Clean & Clear moisturiser (discontinued)
I bought this because it was £1 on the clearance shelf at Boots. It's nothing special but I do trust the brand Clean&Clear as they are supposed to be good for oily skin, also this one smells really nice!

I use this if I'm having a spotty day, which thanks to my extended skincare routine isn't too often any more! It works really well at drying out spots and reducing redness - I find it's better to put it on at night because then you can properly slather it on, but it is handy to put on under make up to create a bit of a barrier.

So there you go, a lot has changed since my last skincare routine post! I do think my skin is a lot better than it was back then, I think using so many natural products from Lush has really made a difference!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Charity Shop Winning - Topshop Boots

I've recently realised that although charity shopping is one of my favourite hobbies of all time, and one I am considering taking to a professional level (if only), I don't really talk about it on my blog. A lot of my outfits feature items I've nabbed in a charity shop but I've never done a haul or feature. Well, until now. Inspired by Amie from Credit Crunch Chic and her 'Charity Shop Find of the Week' feature, as well as the amazing purchase I made yesterday in Welshpool, I thought I'd start shining a light onto some of the gems I've discovered in all my years of charity shopping.

Yesterday we (my sister Suzie and I) went shopping in Welshpool, a very little town near where my Granny and Grandad live. I did pretty well in the first few charity shops, coming out armed with a rather daft teapot for my daft teapot collection (might do a post about this one day!), a vintage dress and a pair of wedge sandals (photos below), but it was when we went into British Heart Foundation that I really struck gold.

I've wanted some shoes like these from New Look for a while but not really had the money to splash out. And as luck would have it, what did I find waiting patiently for me in the corner of British Heart Foundation? Yep, the Topshop equivalents, in my size, for a mere £6.99! What a win! I am so excited to wear these, they seem to go with pretty much everything! They look great with jeans and skirts but because the toe part is technically closed, they also work with tights too! Fabulous, good work Topshop.

Like I imagine most charity shop keeners will do, as soon as I got home I went on a Google mission to find out how much they would have cost originally. Having paid £6.99 for them I knew I'd saved a lot of money anyway, but it turns out these originally cost £72 in store! How incredible is that?! Of course the ones I've got have been worn and the soles are a bit grubby, but who really cares when I saved over 90%?! There's such a massive sense of pride and satisfaction when you get a bargain like this - it really is worth the effort of browsing through rail after rail of rubbish to find that one sparkly gem! And if you happen to find more than one pretty thing, well that's even better!

Other bargains from the Welshpool charity shops:

Lovely vintage M&S tea dress / Low wedge sandals 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ladies Night at St David's 2014

On Thursday last week I hopped on a train to Cardiff to attend Ladies Night at St David's Shopping Centre. I was invited along to the VIP area to start off the night, and the ladies hosting were kind enough to put my friend Katie on the list too. We were greeted with cocktails courtesy of Ladybird & Kapu, and then treated to unlimited Pick n Mix, makeovers from Georgio Armani and a prize draw from St David's, from which I won a lovely Crabtree & Evelyn nail varnish.

I didn't take many photos on the night as it was quite busy and we were occupied with browsing and shopping. I only bought one thing (the Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit that I mentioned in my last post) but Katie went on a bit of a spree, and because she spent over £100 she got a free £10 gift card, very generous! Lots of the shops had special discounts, offers and freebies and there were also popcorn and candy floss stands throughout the shopping centre. I think I saw a karaoke stage too?! Ladies Night is a great night if you want to go on a shopping spree because of all the amazing offers and discounts, and even if you don't plan to spend much money (like me) you can still have a good time soaking up the atmosphere and excitement!

Jumper: Vintage via charity shop
Blouse: Topshop via eBay
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Bank

I'm currently waiting for the official photos from the night to appear online, as I'm pretty sure I am in a few of them. Until then here is a photo of what I wore on the night, a picture of me and Katie after our Armani makeovers and a snap of the goodie bag we got from the VIP area, which was filled with treats from The Body Shop and Boots, a little box of Lindt chocolates (my favourite!) and lots of catalogues and leaflets from stores in the shopping centre.