Monday, 16 June 2014

Adventuring in the Forest

Today my littlest sister Belle and I went for a long walk up to the woods to have a picnic lunch. There wasn't really much to see, unfortunately the path down to the river was padlocked and the fields were all long grass and bugs, but we did find a creepy clearing that had obviously flooded and become a lagoon, you can see it behind me in these photos. It's extra creepy really because I'm sure when I used to go walking down here when I was younger kids used to make dens in the clearing, and now it's all underwater.

I wore my Topshop jeans, Vans and a Primark jumper which meant I was just a little bit too warm, especially as the sun came out on our way home. I also took my trusty Asos Men's backpack to hold our picnic blanket and my cameras :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vintage Floral Blouse

I do struggle in the summer, I'm just such an avid wearer of black things, it's hard to add the essential lighter colours into my wardrobe when the sun comes out. This blouse is one my Gran gave me yesterday, it actually has a matching skirt but I thought that might be a bit much, I didn't want to look like a garden. I did however find the exact same patterned skirt in a charity shop today, which was amusing if not a bit weird.

Blouse: Vintage via my Gran
Vest: ancient and unknown
Jeans: Topshop Joni jeans
Shoes and sunglasses: H&M

Today I took myself charity shopping and I got a pretty little summer outfit and some awesome new shoes, which I'll post about soon :) I also had my first Starbucks Frappuccino of the year which means it's officially summer!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I Wear My Grandma's Clothes / I Look Incredible

Today we had a very fun trip to my Grandparents' house to help my Gran clear out some of her old clothes. A lot of lovely dresses are destined for the dress agency in town, a big bag of stuff is going to the charity shop and an cheeky bag of things has worked its way into my vintage-hungry and bargain-obsessed wardrobe.

It was so much fun to see my Gran pulling out all these carefully-wrapped up dresses and telling us whose wedding or christening or birthday she wore them to. It's a shame that she's getting rid of so much stuff but I guess it would be more of a shame to let her clothes sit in the wardrobe where nobody will see them. The most exciting find was definitely my Mum's wedding dress, I never realised how detailed and...puffy it was! Of course I scampered off to try it on and even though it was way too small I still squished my way into it for comedic value, and to scare my boyfriend with Snapchat photos, obvs.

I found this photo hanging in the hallway at my Gran's house so I snapped it for comparison; as you can see, my Mama looked so much better in it, although to be fair she could actually fasten the buttons at the back haha! Check out the floral crown too, what a trendsetter!

I didn't take many photos of actual clothes because I got too excited, but look at the lovely patterns and details on some of this stuff!

Things for the dress agency. I really love the middle dress but it is too big for me :(

Beautiful details on a jacket and dress my Gran wore for one of my Aunties' weddings (I can't remember which!)

Some co-ordinating blouse/skirt sets I nabbed :)

My Gran also found this lovely pink coat for me; I never ever wear pink but I actually like this one, although it is a bit old-lady-ish and a bit too big. I hope pink coats stay 'fashionable' for a bit longer, it's too hot to wear one at the moment!

I also found this beautiful grey parka in my Grandad's wardrobe which my Gran let me have, and even though it's obviously a men's one and way too big for me, I can't help but love it. It's all lined with fleecy fabric, and it has a drawstring at the waist to make it a bit less sack-like, and it has a hood. What a winner!

Hopefully over the next few weeks, if the weather stays nice, I can post some summer outfit photos with my new floral skirts and blouses. My Mum and Auntie and Granny were laughing at me for grabbing all these old clothes, but I'll make them work, and I'll have saved a fortune on summer clothes and winter coats, and then who'll be laughing?!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Cadbury's World

Yesterday afternoon we went to Birmingham; one of my sisters lives there for Uni and the other is about to start a month of work experience at Cadbury's (!!!), so we went to visit the former and drop off the latter at her new accommodation. We arrived in Birmingham a bit earlier than we planned, so my parents decided we should pop to Cadbury's world for a cup of tea. We didn't actually go into the exhibition, just looked around the shop and the cafe, but oh my it was so amazing! I can't wait to go back and properly look around one day!

Here's me in all my excitement!
(Tu t-shirt, Topshop Mom jeans, H&M shoes, Primark cardi and Zara bag)

This isn't the best-lit photo but the cafe had all these clouds and empty milk bottles hanging from the ceiling, it was so cute! And they had old Cadbury's adverts playing on TVs, it was awesome! The Olympic Creme Egg ones were our faves

Here is the Cadbury's Gorilla (does anyone remember him?!) wearing my Dad's hat

Bertie Bassett, he was wiggling and talking and it was a bit creepy really

My Mum flirting with the Cadbury's cow, again wearing my Dad's hat

And of course, no grand day out would be complete without a gratuitous selfie (with my littlest sister Belle, who starts her first day working at Cadbury's today, good luck!)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Throwback Thursday, 2006-2009

It was my sister's 21st birthday a few weeks ago and as I was shuffling through all the photos off my old laptop, looking for a baby photo to embarrass her with on Facebook, I found a load of old 'outfit' photos I'd taken. I've never had an outfit blog before this one, so the majority of these photos were taken out of boredom, vanity, or the MySpace mentality, and I thought it would be fun to make a little timeline to see how much my style has changed. I'm also so tempted to create a hair timeline too, I used to LOVE the hair timelines people posted on Mad Rad Hair on LiveJournal, oh how times change!

Summer, 2006

This is probably the oldest selfie I have stored on my computer, and trust me, I used to take a LOT! Check out the awesome flip phone and MySpace pose, what a winner. I spent a lot of time in 2006 and 2007 being ill, and I ended up pretty tiny as a result of that - you'd never catch me in such a clingy t-shirt nowadays!

Spring, 2008

For some reason I don't have any photos of myself from 2007, but perhaps that's for the best! I can just about recall the skinny jeans vs massively baggy trousers decision every Saturday before town (it depended what everyone else was wearing), braces and two belts and so much eyeliner. 2008 was all about jeans and baggy t-shirts for me as I wasn't exactly body confident! I do actually still have the t-shirt from the above photo (it's a band t-shirt I got from a Kills concert) but now it is strictly pyjama-wear.

2008 was when I properly got into records and film photography, check out my Polaroid wall in the background! I had a fisheye lens and I thought I was Alison Mosshart. Except clearly I didn't know how to buy jeans that fit properly, sigh.

Summer, 2008

Apparently I finally realised that there were other things to wear besides skinny jeans and I started to embrace high-waisted skirts. That phase stuck around really, I still regularly opt for skirts over jeans, well done young Rosie!

Autumn, 2008

Going to Sixth Form and actually being able to wear whatever I wanted is probably what started me taking these outfit photos. I never did anything with them, but I did take a fair few. I remember wanting this particular Topshop skirt for ages but it was so expensive, then I found this size 16 in the sale and safety pinned it to fit me. Sounds like something I would do today, anything for a bargain! Also might be worth noting that I still use this camera for my outfit photos today!

Spring, 2009

I'm actually so jealous of early 2009-Rosie's style! I had these awesome white jazz pumps for my birthday that went with everything, I miss them so much!

Oh and I had slightly blonde hair and this beautiful blue Topshop skirt which I paid full price for. I still have this white t-shirt but it definitely doesn't hang off me like it used to anymore!

Winter 2009

I apologise for the absolutely awful quality of this photo, I'm pretty sure it's a webcam one from my old desktop computer. As you can see I still had not grasped the concept of jeans that fit properly! I do however still occasionally wear this top from H&M. The scarf in this photo was also from H&M but I somehow lost it on a shopping trip to Telford a few years ago. I'm still pretty distraught about that as it was my favourite scarf of all time ever, I would pay quite a lot of money to have it back, and I do still occasionally scour eBay in case one pops up.

This post has been quite fun to write and almost equally as cringey. I might one day do a 2010-2013 version but there are a lot of memories in those computer folders that I'm not sure I can face yet!

Friday, 18 April 2014

My Skincare Routine #2

I was mooching through some of my old blog posts the other day and I found a post I wrote about my skincare routine. It was quite amusing really to see how much my routine has changed since I've got more into blogging, reading reviews and more aware of different brands. While it's still true that I tend to stick to what I'm used to, I do enjoy an occasional sample of something new, and I do like to alternate between two or three products throughout the week, just because I can!

lush loreal benefit clarins

So, from left to right I present to you:

This stuff is just super, it smells lovely and it looks crazy - how often do you find a black facial cleanser?! I tend to use this maybe once a week, just for some extra scrubby-goodness. Apparently you can also use it on your body, but I try to save it just for my face so it lasts even longer.

I use this almost every day, it's a very gentle exfoliator but it's tough enough to make my skin feel fresh and clean. It smells like lavender but not in an overpowering way, I generally can't stand lavender but I make an exception for this! 

I turned 23 last month and around that time I started to notice genuine wrinkles under my eyes. Everyone I've shown has said that I'm being paranoid, but still, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start taking some precautions. I massage this cream into the skin under my eyes before bed, and then a little bit into my neck, forehead and cheeks too. I haven't noticed a massive difference although the bags under my eyes might possibly be a bit lighter. I have been getting a lot more sleep recently though so I'll have to report back on this one when it comes to mega stressful exam time!

I've never really been 'wowed' by a moisturiser, so I'll try anything just out of interest. This one smells lovely and feels thick when you put it on but still sinks in well. This was a sample from a Benefit event last month, and I probably wouldn't splash out on a full-price one, but I am enjoying using this while it lasts.

This is a lovely toner for helping to reduce redness, and it makes my skin feel really fresh after using it. I just spray a bit onto some cotton wool and wipe it over my face, especially across my nose and between my eyebrows.

(Bunny full of cotton wool from Tiger)

I use this once a week if my skin is looking a bit crap, it feels really nice on and I do notice a difference to my skin throughout the day - it looks and feels a lot fresher. If I could afford to, I would use this more, but I want to savour it as it was quite expensive!

(Washing machine teapot, for decorative purposes only)

Clean & Clear moisturiser (discontinued)
I bought this because it was £1 on the clearance shelf at Boots. It's nothing special but I do trust the brand Clean&Clear as they are supposed to be good for oily skin, also this one smells really nice!

I use this if I'm having a spotty day, which thanks to my extended skincare routine isn't too often any more! It works really well at drying out spots and reducing redness - I find it's better to put it on at night because then you can properly slather it on, but it is handy to put on under make up to create a bit of a barrier.

So there you go, a lot has changed since my last skincare routine post! I do think my skin is a lot better than it was back then, I think using so many natural products from Lush has really made a difference!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Charity Shop Winning - Topshop Boots

I've recently realised that although charity shopping is one of my favourite hobbies of all time, and one I am considering taking to a professional level (if only), I don't really talk about it on my blog. A lot of my outfits feature items I've nabbed in a charity shop but I've never done a haul or feature. Well, until now. Inspired by Amie from Credit Crunch Chic and her 'Charity Shop Find of the Week' feature, as well as the amazing purchase I made yesterday in Welshpool, I thought I'd start shining a light onto some of the gems I've discovered in all my years of charity shopping.

Yesterday we (my sister Suzie and I) went shopping in Welshpool, a very little town near where my Granny and Grandad live. I did pretty well in the first few charity shops, coming out armed with a rather daft teapot for my daft teapot collection (might do a post about this one day!), a vintage dress and a pair of wedge sandals (photos below), but it was when we went into British Heart Foundation that I really struck gold.

I've wanted some shoes like these from New Look for a while but not really had the money to splash out. And as luck would have it, what did I find waiting patiently for me in the corner of British Heart Foundation? Yep, the Topshop equivalents, in my size, for a mere £6.99! What a win! I am so excited to wear these, they seem to go with pretty much everything! They look great with jeans and skirts but because the toe part is technically closed, they also work with tights too! Fabulous, good work Topshop.

Like I imagine most charity shop keeners will do, as soon as I got home I went on a Google mission to find out how much they would have cost originally. Having paid £6.99 for them I knew I'd saved a lot of money anyway, but it turns out these originally cost £72 in store! How incredible is that?! Of course the ones I've got have been worn and the soles are a bit grubby, but who really cares when I saved over 90%?! There's such a massive sense of pride and satisfaction when you get a bargain like this - it really is worth the effort of browsing through rail after rail of rubbish to find that one sparkly gem! And if you happen to find more than one pretty thing, well that's even better!

Other bargains from the Welshpool charity shops:

Lovely vintage M&S tea dress / Low wedge sandals 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ladies Night at St David's 2014

On Thursday last week I hopped on a train to Cardiff to attend Ladies Night at St David's Shopping Centre. I was invited along to the VIP area to start off the night, and the ladies hosting were kind enough to put my friend Katie on the list too. We were greeted with cocktails courtesy of Ladybird & Kapu, and then treated to unlimited Pick n Mix, makeovers from Georgio Armani and a prize draw from St David's, from which I won a lovely Crabtree & Evelyn nail varnish.

I didn't take many photos on the night as it was quite busy and we were occupied with browsing and shopping. I only bought one thing (the Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit that I mentioned in my last post) but Katie went on a bit of a spree, and because she spent over £100 she got a free £10 gift card, very generous! Lots of the shops had special discounts, offers and freebies and there were also popcorn and candy floss stands throughout the shopping centre. I think I saw a karaoke stage too?! Ladies Night is a great night if you want to go on a shopping spree because of all the amazing offers and discounts, and even if you don't plan to spend much money (like me) you can still have a good time soaking up the atmosphere and excitement!

Jumper: Vintage via charity shop
Blouse: Topshop via eBay
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Bank

I'm currently waiting for the official photos from the night to appear online, as I'm pretty sure I am in a few of them. Until then here is a photo of what I wore on the night, a picture of me and Katie after our Armani makeovers and a snap of the goodie bag we got from the VIP area, which was filled with treats from The Body Shop and Boots, a little box of Lindt chocolates (my favourite!) and lots of catalogues and leaflets from stores in the shopping centre.


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Benefit Event at Tiger Tiger, March 2014

On Wednesday I manage to bag myself a space at a Benefit event held in Cardiff (oh the magic of Twitter). I met up with Leanne and Georgina before the event and we went to Yo Sushi. I hadn't been for years so it was pretty exciting, I was a bit like a cat staring at a fish tank watching all the pretty dishes go past - I can imagine it's pretty easy to spend a fortune in there as you just want to grab them all!

After that we headed to Tiger Tiger for the Benefit event. They were showing us their new eyebrow product, Gimme Brow, which is a bit like a mascara, but for your eyebrows (and apparently I forgot to take a photo of it, oops!). I liked it but it felt a bit wet and I was very conscious that I was wearing it. I have to say though, other than that it is amazing. I have a huge scar on my one eyebrow that usually needs a lot of pencilling in, but the Gimme Brow managed to hide it completely, so hats off to you for that Benefit. Gimme Brow is definitely a good quickie product, but I don't think it will be able to keep me from my pencil-wax-powder routine.

Their new big deal product is the 'Bigger than BB' cream, Big Easy. I tried a blob of this 'liquid powder' on my hand and it was so unbelievably soft, I was genuinely stroking my hand all night long like a weirdo. Needless to say, I skipped all the way to Debenhams the next day to grab it, and it is totally worth the £27.50 price tag (I got it at 10% off though so even better!). I've also got to say, the fact that the lady in the store spent the time swatching different shades on my chin and then properly made me up with my best match (light/medium, just fyi) really added to the value of the product. Too many times I've wasted precious pennies on foundations/BBs that matched my hand superbly but looked so wrong on my face. Lesson learned.


We also got to play with a few other products, and were sent home with a very pretty box of goodies, including the Fake Up concealer, The POREfessional (which I have never really got on with but am going to give another go now), Hello Flawless foundation and the Total Moisture facial cream which I have already started using as it smells incredible. Needless to say I will most likely be posting a bumper Benefit review post before long. I also popped back to Debenhams the next day to get my eyebrows waxed as part of Brow Arch March, and will post about that in the next few days.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Embroidered Elbows


Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: River Island
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Bank

Hello all. Check out this fancy new jumper I bought yesterday! I was just mooching around Cardiff waiting to meet my boyfriend for lunch and I found myself in Dorothy Perkins. I don't normally like much in Dorothy Perkins, so perhaps I thought it was a sensible way to kill some time without spending any money. Well I was wrong, but only a little bit. This jumper cost me a grand total of £4.50 with student discount, what a bargain! 

I'd pretty much forgotten about the bow hair tutorial I made last year, but we watched Hair on BBC3 last night and one of the contestants had her hair like it (except much more fabulous as she had super long red hair) so I thought I'd help bring it back.

Today I need something exciting to do so I'm going into Boots to get my disposable cameras developed. I've had one of them since last February, so that should be entertaining! And then I think tonight involves face masks, wine and Chinese food. And a little bit of Uni work, obviously ;)

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Birthday Breakfast at Barker Tea House

Hello, I hope everyone had a super sweet Pancake Day yesterday! For me it was twice as awesome because it was also my 23rd birthday! I had a really lovely day with my housemates, and my Mum sent me a surprise Sainsbury's delivery full of birthday/pancake treats like chocolate spread, ice cream, banana, lemon and a birthday cake and a cheeky bottle of wine! Such a good idea for a surprise if you can't be with someone on their birthday.

Josh and I went out for dinner and drinks on Monday to celebrate our anniversary, and because I had a voucher from LastMinute.com (thanks guys!) we got to stay in The Royal Hotel right in the centre of Cardiff, which was great because it meant we didn't have to worry about getting trains/taxis home. And of course, when we woke up it was my birthday so I insisted we went for a fancy breakfast!

I've wanted to go to Barker Tea House since I saw Nina's blog post about there, so we hunted it down and I was not disappointed! It's got a lovely vintage feel without being over-the-top or pretentious. The food all sounded fabulous and the cakes looked delicious; Josh went for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup but I (knowing there would be a big pancake dinner in the evening) opted for eggs florentine.


My breakfast was absolutely delicious, I can't really say any more than that! I wish I'd ordered a large portion! Josh couldn't even finish his (what a lightweight!) so I had to help him, and I can confirm that his was delicious too! Barker Tea House is a teensy bit out of my price range for regular visits, but I'll definitely be back if I have something to celebrate/deserve a nice treat!

Oh and for funsies, here's a photo of me with the moustache pencil (and pretty scarf) Josh bought me as a present :)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

What's in my Bag?

For my birthday (which is on Tuesday so this post is a bit naughty) my Mum offered to buy me the Zara Office City Bag which I've wanted for ages but never been able to afford. The original 'office' version has long been sold out but happily this version is still available online and in most stores. I have been using it all week (see, so naughty) and I am really happy with it! It's got a crazy amount of pockets and compartments and as I am Mary Poppins but with a rubbish singing voice and a Poundland umbrella this is pretty perfect for me. My one complaint is that, as I've found with a few Zara bags, the zips aren't great and get stuck a lot. This happens more when the bag is empty as the fabric moves more, so my advice is to carry a lot of stuff to avoid annoying sticky zips, simple!

The contents of my bag are actually quite dull. Normally I carry a lot more rubbish around with me - right now, and I kid you not, there is a wooden spoon in there. My purse is from Topshop, my make up bag is from Zara and contains pretty much everything a girl could need - concealer, eyeliner, glasses wipes, Polos, lip balm, hair brush, dry shampoo, deodorant - I'm always the go-to person if my friends need something on a night out! My glasses are Cosmopolitan from Glasses Direct, pen from Paperchase, notebook from Sainsbury's and my phone case is from eBay. I think I'm the only person who still has a BlackBerry, am I wrong?!

Inspired by the lovely Being Little and her creative prompts, I'm trying to get back into drawing which I am keeping track of through Instagram. Day two is 'What's in my Bag', hence this post! These prompts have also (clearly) inspired me for a lot of exciting blog posts, so hopefully I can find the motivation to stick with it!

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy St David's Day!

Hat - eBay
Cardi - Vintage via charity shop
T-shirt - Primark
Jeans - Topshop Joni jeans
Boots - Matalan

I don't think I've ever posted an outfit photo in skinny jeans before. I always find that photos of me in skirts are more flattering, although IRL I've been leaning towards jeans and trousers a lot more recently as I'm pretty self-conscious about my legs. I always feel like I look better when I look at myself in the mirror than in photos. Does the camera really add ten pounds? Or is my mirror a very kind, flattering liar? Is it just me who feels like this?!

Now that the weather is brightening up I've finally started taking better quality (I hope) photos in the great outdoors. I do feel pretty self conscious taking photos on the street and I've had some odd glances, but nobody seems to say anything which is reassuring!

Today I went into town for a mooch, just for something to do to get me out of the house. I forgot it was St David's Day (I am the worst Welsh person ever!) and town was a bit crazy. The local radio station was in town blasting Tom Jones from the speakers and people were dancing and singing along. Welcome to Pontypridd.

Ps. South Wales Bloggers, don't forget to grab a ticket for the Spring Meet-Up!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

South Wales Bloggers' Spring Meet-Up

Welcome to the South Wales Bloggers' Spring Meet Up! Come and join us for lunch, chatter and maybe a few goodies ;)

As well as having a fabulous time, we will also be supporting Give and Make Up, a non-profit initiative that supplies women and children in need with necessary toiletries and cosmetics. The money raised from this event will go towards helping this cause and there will be a collection point at the meet-up for product donations, so please bring any of your unwanted beauty products with you to donate (more information on the initiative and what to bring here)

Don't forget to share this poster, and tweet your excitement using #CDFSpringMeet

Limited spaces available, for tickets go HERE!
Tickets are £4.75; 75p of this is an unavoidable booking fee and the rest of the money will go towards the event and the charity

Monday, 17 February 2014

Pre-Birthday Haul

I'm back home with my parents and my sister this week as it is reading week and I quite fancied a break from my slightly scummy Uni house. Of course, as appears to be a tradition now, we had a bit of a shopping spree. My Mum bought me some new tops from Primark and I treated myself (kinda hoping I get some money for my birthday to make up for it!) to a few bits too.

Stripy shirt, £10 from Primark
I wanted a shirt like this last summer but the only one I could find was in H&M and it had jersey sleeves which looked so daft on me, I looked like I was wearing those strange old Victorian pyjamas, no ta. This one will do nicely under a jumper with jeans, or tucked into a skirt.

Aztec t-shirt, £5 from Primark
This top is pretty standard I guess, although it has faux-leather trim on the collar which is quite a nice touch. It's a bit shorter than I would usually wear but I got some new Topshop Joni jeans today so might build up the confidence to wear it tucked in... maybe. Otherwise it will look just fine with a skater skirt!

Checked blouse, £6 from Primark
Monochrome is in for Spring/Summer, right? I'm making it happen.

Polka Dot Blouse, £10 from Primark
I am in love with this blouse. I'm going to wear it under jumpers, over midi skirts in summer, with jeans with skirts with shorts with everything. Mmmm shirt.

Cream Knit Jumper, £14 from Primark
I always see cricket jumpers like this in charity/vintage shops and they're always really heavy or itchy or expensive. This one wasn't what I'd call cheap by Primark's standards but it's lovely and soft and super cozy. And it goes wonderfully with the tartan trousers I bought today from H&M...

Whatever-this-print-is-called Jumper, £15 from H&M
I don't really know what attracted me to this jumper, I wouldn't really say it's 'me' at all, but it looks lovely on and it's really cuddly. £15 is more than I'd usually pay for something in the sale but for some reason me and this jumper have a connection and you just can't put a price on that. 

Shirt/Tunic Thing, £10 from River Island
This shirt is way too big for me, but this means that it is just long enough to wear with leggings and still maintain dignity (and of course I am ALL about dignity), which makes it a winner, always. My Mum also thinks I could wear it as a waistcoat but we'll see. 

Tartan Trousers, £5 from H&M / Triangle Necklace, £3 from Primark
These trousers, oh my word the perfection. I only found them by accident while I was hobbling around H&M looking for socks in the sale (my shoes were rubbing me, sigh). I've always wanted some tartan trousers or leggings but never found the right pattern/fit. Anyway, H&M only had these trousers in a size 18 or 20, but H&M sizes are notoriously ridiculous so I tried the 18s anyway and although they're a bit baggy, I think they actually look better for it. Also the tag said they were £10 but they scanned at the till as £5, which makes them even more wonderful. Bargain of the year.

Expect (hopefully) some more lifestyle posts from me in the next few weeks, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating in Cardiff on March 3rd as it will have been four whole years since we started going out(!); I also believe there are a few blogger meet-ups this month, including one which I am organising and very soon about to open up invitations to (so watch this space!). Oh yeah and on Pancake Day (March 4th) it is my birthday which is quite exciting. My Mum said she'd buy me a Zara handbag and I hope she wasn't just making things up. I may be turning 23 but I'll still cry if I don't get what I want ;)