Friday, 29 November 2013

W7 Cosmic Nails

As I showed briefly in my video of the evening, at the House of Fraser event I attended a few weeks ago we were treated to a mini manicure from Nails Inc, who were showing off their Christmas range of polishes and glitters, 'Bling It On'. The glitter effects were so lovely but the £18 price tag not so much for a poor student like me. Happily, in Peacocks the other day I spotted this 'Cosmic Nail Dust' by the brand W7, a brand I'd never heard of before, but for £2 a bottle I couldn't really say no.

The Cosmic Nail Dust is basically a pot of glitter that you sprinkle onto freshly-painted nails. I found it easier to do one nail at a time - paint, sprinkle, tap off the excess. The effect is absolutely stunning, I can't stop wiggling my fingers and just staring at the beautiful colours and sparkles! I also found that because the glitter sticks to the wet polish, the drying time is really quick. I found that my nails were dry within less then five minutes, so this would be a great look to do in a rush before a night out or a party. I used a top coat but didn't really notice a difference - the texture is still very coarse which can be a bit annoying, and I imagine it will be very stubborn to remove. But for almost one tenth of the Nails Inc. price one can't really complain! I also found that if I sprinkled the glitter onto my nails over a piece of folded paper I could just funnel the glitter right back into the pot, so one little pot will definitely last me a while, winner!

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