Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini Reviews #3

Now I'm back at Uni I've sadly had to cut down on my spending, and therefore haven't really been buying many exciting new beauty products - I've stuck to replacing trusted products once they run out, not wanting to take a risk in case something doesn't suit me/work right for me. However I do have a few products I purchased over the summer that I've recently pulled out of my stash to play around with, just to keep life exciting!

(Sorry for the boring stock photos, my silly camera has inexplicably stopped working!)

This is easily the most money I've spent on a beauty item, but I was clearly in a frivolous mood. It's odd to think of a toner as 'exfoliating' for me, as obviously it doesn't have little scrubby bits in or anything like that. This toner is thicker than most I've used before and it smells a bit floral which isn't my cup of tea, however it feels lovely on and makes my face feel soft and smooth, like it's been polished! Definitely worth the expensive price tag, especially as I only use it once or twice a week.

I bought this on a whim when I went to replace my favourite perfume and there was a 'buy one get one half price' offer going on. I use a teeny bit of this on the ends of my hair before I blow dry it to keep it from getting too frizzy. It works really well, however I have found that if I use it every single day my hair tends to get greasy quicker, so now I save it for days when I'm doing a lot of curling/styling to my hair to protect it. If you've got dry hair I'd say this is definitely up there with my favourite Macadamia Oil, but for a lot less money!

I think everyone and their mother got this freebie with Elle magazine a few months ago! I've only used it a handful of times because I can't stand the smell, it smells just like vodka and Red Bull! I found this this did make my hair feel thicker but in a kind of sticky, stiff way, not the bouncing, swishy locks I was hoping for. I can get exactly the same result with L'Oreal's Matt and Messy Salt Spray for a teeny fraction of the price, so sorry Bumble and Bumble but (this time) you are not a winner.

I'm just going to begin this paragraph with a shake of my head and big TUT TUT. Rimmel dominates about 80% of my make up stash, and they make my all-time favourite liquid eyeliner, so when I grabbed this Thick&Thin eyeliner pen I had high expectations, and let me say they definitely were not met. The pen applicator was pretty nifty, once I'd got the hang of it, but the eyeliner itself came out watery and grey and had disappeared from my face by the end of the day. Not impressed at all.

I was in Boots last week on my never-ending quest to find the perfect red lipstick. I had a hand full of swatches and I looked more like a diseased blob than a glamorous beauty queen. In the end I ditched my efforts for yet another day and opted for this lovely dark pink. It reminds me of the lipstick my Mum used when we were little and she used to kiss us on the cheeks before she went out so we had kiss marks on our faces all night (n'aww). I feel like it's a nice alternative to red; it's bright but not harsh. The 'moisture renew' formula is very shiny, which is quite nice although it makes you very conscious of it when you wear it. If they made this in a matte formula I'd be all over it (and vice versa). I wore it on a night out and it lasted really well and although it transferred onto my glass when I was drinking, it still didn't look like it had worn off my lips when I checked it, winner!