Saturday, 31 August 2013

Leopard Print in Shrewsbury

Hat: Topshop
Jacket: Vintage M&S
Dress: Topshop via eBay
Bag: Brand Village
Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Hello friends, here's a photo of me standing by some flowers wearing a new dress I bought off eBay, I'm quite pleased with it even though it rides up when I walk SO MUCH but I wore a little skirt under it and all dignity was not lost. I know the photo is a bit un-detailed(?) but in the close-up my little sister took I looked a bit gormless from squinting in the sun, sigh.

Today I dragged my sister around town job-hunting (for her, not me) and I felt really horrible and old and naggy practically shoving her into every little cafe/restaurant we walked past! But gotta be cruel to be kind and all. After our masses of walking (my old lady knees are in absolute agony, booo) we treated ourselves to some sweets from the cute little pick n mix shop in Shrewsbury, I got Reese's Pieces (YUM) and chocolate raisins and Belle got Jelly Bellys and I wish I'd chosen them instead. I also bought a really nice vintage holdall bag for £3 in a charity shop, score!

I'm currently exhausted and achey and I'm looking forward to an evening of eating pizza, reading my Kindle and playing my ukulele, I've learnt loads of songs recently and I'm a bit chuffed with myself :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tax Refund Haul!

So if you follow my blog, it kinda looks like all I've done this summer is shop. But that's just not entirely true! I miss posting outfits and beauty reviews but my life has been full of work. I have got a bumper reviews post planned for this week which I'm excited to write; I had some really good feedback about my last post regarding boobs bras so I'm going to try to involve my writing skills a lot more in my blog!

Anyway, I finally sorted out my tax codes (I have two jobs and HMRC were unfairly charging me a fortune!) so next week I should get back a chunk of money they owe me, which of course meant a bit of a shopping spree! I did spend a lot of money which was very naughty of me, but I'm super happy with everything I bought and I know it will all be useful when I go back to Uni and actually get to wear things that aren't pyjamas/work clothes!

Cropped black tee from H&M: £3.99
Okay probably not the most sensible/justifiable purchase to begin my haul with, but my sister bought about 300 cropped tops in the sales yesterday and I wanted in on the action. I'm planning to wear this with a high-waisted skater skirt for casual nights out.

Purple dress from Topshop: £12 (£10.80 with student discount!)
I am wearing this now as it turns out, and when I leave the house there will be boots, a hoodie and a denim jacket involved too. I already have the grey version of this dress (worn here) so I thought I'd be daring and add some actual colour to my wardrobe (!!).

The Dream Coat from H&M: £34.99
Let me just say, I have wanted a coat like this (oversized blazer, but in winter coat form) for over a year now, and when I walked into H&M and saw it by the door I actually shrieked out loud (ask my sister, she was there). I threw my bags on the floor and dived right into this beautiful creation and I swear it was love at first sight. I did the whole 'I'll walk around a bit and think about it' thing to make me feel like I was being sensible but really, who was I kidding? I am so excited to wear this coat aaaall winter, so please can it get cold soon?!

Aztec pattern scarf/shawl/blanket/rug from H&M: £13.99
While I was walking around pretending to decide if I wanted to buy aforementioned Dream Coat, I happened upon this scarf. It's actually more like a shawl and to put its magnificent size into perspective, if I spread it out on my (single) bed it covers it completely. I plan to wear it sensibly like a scarf to walk to Uni, then curl up in it and nap during my lectures (jk, well maybe)

Printed t-shirt from Primark: £5
I don't know what one is supposed to call this style/pattern but I call it 'I look like I'm wearing an ugly vase but in a really awesome way' and it was just too beautiful to leave in the shop.

Suedette sleeve t-shirts from Primark: £4 each
These t-shirts are so lovely. I got them a few sizes too big because they are just long enough to wear as dresses for a night out, otherwise they'll look awesome tucked into high-waisted jeans/skirts. Good bargain.

I also bought some new face stuff from Lush, a pinafore dress which was really hard to photograph and some new creepers (£7 in the New Look sale, winning!) to replace my tatty old ones. Oh and two Krispy Kreme doughnuts for lunch, oops :)