Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bra Shopping at M&S

Today I went bra shopping, what a thrill. I have worn the same size bra since forever, really. I got measured when I was quite young and never bothered to do it again because what if my size had changed? I'd have to completely replace my entire bra collection, and what an expensive hassle that would be!

I was content and comfy in my 34B bras, until about three months ago when I was sitting around and all of a sudden POP and my trusty Matalan bra of about six years just broke open at the front! I was horrified, but I put it down to the OAP status of the bra and carried on with my life until a few weeks later the same thing happened again with another, less ancient bra! I found it quite funny and didn't think anything of it. And yes, it happened again. TWICE. Luckily there was no major embarrassment as I was at home for most of the incidents (I saved my dignity the last time with a big safety pin), however I did finally have to admit to myself that, maybe I need to get measured and go on a bra-buying spree.

So off I went to Marks and Spencers with my Mum in tow (she likes to be a part of these special moments in my life) and I booked an appointment to be fitted (I don't really know why you have to book but I went along with it). The woman who measured me was really nice. She took me into their special changing rooms; each cubicle has a curtain down the middle so you can have someone in there with you but you can still have your own little private bit to get changed in. She got me to take my top off but I kept my (last remaining) bra on; she measured around my chest with a tape measure and then judged the cup size by sight, most impressive.

Photos from The Telegraph and Tumblr

And shock, horror, my new bra size (as I said, I have been wearing 34B bras since I first got measured at 16) is 36D!* That sounded/sounds mahoosive to me, but the sales lady went to find me a few bras to try on (after asking me what colours I prefer, which I thought was quite nice of her) and when she came back to show me what she'd found I couldn't help but cry 'THEY LOOK HUGE!'. She laughed and said maybe, but I tried them on and they actually fit really well. I felt like a bit of a nob for thinking my previous (and comparatively teeny tiny) bras were right for me, no wonder I was bursting out of them like the Incredible Hulk!

Anyway, with a stunned and slightly fearful look on my face I went out into the wide world of Marks and Spencers' underwear section and fished out a few acceptable-looking bras. I cannot express enough how hard this was as they all looked frumpy and unattractive to me, not being used to shopping for such large undergarments, and I still feel strange when I try them on now. I'm not particularly pleased to find out that my chest has grown; it's not as if it's grown overnight and I now look different. They're still the same boobs I've always had, no matter what size bra they've got wrapped around them. But I know that my new bras DO fit better, feel more supportive (if not a bit strange) and will flatter me more. So all in all I thoroughly recommend getting measured regularly because it's free, quick and could probably save you a lot of hassle somewhere down the line!

*It might be worth noting that I did actually measure my own chest at home before going to get professionally measured and using this calculator I actually came up with the same size as the lady in M&S told me, so if you for whatever reason can't/don't want to get professionally fitted, maybe give it a go!


  1. It's such a pain when you change size and have to get new bras! I've always been very wary of M&S though; I went there before (when I was a little skinnier than I am now) and was comfortably wearing a 30 band and the woman told me I needed a 34. I tried it and it was literally ridiculous, didn't fit at all so I've not been back to M&S since.
    Yasmin x

  2. I actually found the story hilarious! You have a good way of writing.

  3. Hi Rosie,

    Nice meeting you at the TALK PR Open Day. Are you still up for a guest post? It can be anything you like (related to fashion). Ideally I will be looking to post it somewhere around the 25th but I'm flexible. Let me know.


  4. I love posts like this and everyone seems to avoid talking about these kinds of things. I definitely need to get measured again! Hope you are enjoying your new bras and aren’t too overwhelmed!

    Charlotte xxxxx