Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sleepy Time!

I was recently contacted by Mediayeti on behalf of Silent Night, the bed company, who are conducting research into sleep accessories, and if they actually help you to sleep or not. Apparently 75% of adults do not get a good night's sleep, and I definitely agree that I am one of them! In my student house there are eight of us, which can get pretty noisy, and also my bed is incredibly uncomfortable!

I was offered to try this Avon Sleep Therapy spray (on offer at the moment so definitely worth a look!). I had one of these when I was a lot younger and I thought they'd stopped producing it. I think it's just the best smell in the world. I'm not a massive fan of lavender, which seems to be the main component in most 'relaxing' health/beauty products, but this one is different. I'm awful at describing smells, I guess it's quite fresh but strong and heavy(?) at the same time. It makes me feel cozy and relaxed, and after using it for a while I now associate it with 'sleep time' so I've conditioned myself to get sleepy when I smell it!

My sleeping pattern for the past few months has been atrocious, before my exams I would sleep all day and stay up all night revising, so that my housemates would be in bed and couldn't distract me, and now that I've finished Uni I don't bother getting out of bed until way after midday because I have nothing to do! I'm moving back home tomorrow and I start work next week though, so hopefully will get my routine back!

My best advice on getting a good night's sleep (although slightly hypocritical) is to spend as much time OUT of your bed as possible. Avoid doing Uni work, watching TV and especially eating in bed. If possible, do these things in a completely different room. It helps if you only associate your bed with sleeping, or at least relaxing, and if you can't sleep, go for a wander around the house, don't lie in bed stressing about it.

If anyone is looking for more information about Silent Night or considering buying a new bed, here is their website and list of stores local to me (West Midlands and South Wales) :)

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