Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mini Reviews #2

I haven't done a post like this for ages (see my last one here) but I received lots of beauty treats in my goodie bag from #CDFMeet last weekend so I thought I'd post my thoughts on the few products I've tried this week.

Of all the treats in my goodie bag, I was definitely most excited about this one! I don't have much experience with Benefit products except for a few samples that I got with Glamour magazine last year. I loved their 'Bad Gal Lash' mascara but as for this one I was pretty disappointed. It made my lashes look longer and darker but they stuck together and went a bit spiky, for want of a better word. The colour and the texture of the mascara really does make the lashes look like they could be fake, as the name suggests, but overall I wasn't very impressed, especially for such a popular brand and (in my opinion) hefty price tag.

Collection 'Primed and Ready' Primer and 'Fix Me Up' Make-Up Fixer (£5.99 each)
I've never been too bothered by the brand Collection, I've always bypassed it as it looks a bit cheap and tacky for me. Saying that, their concealer is absolutely amazing so I was definitely willing to try these two skin products.

The 'Primed and Ready' primer feels like a thick, soft gel and I always get nervous about primers as I worry they will clog my pores. This one felt lovely on my skin, if a tiny bit greasy. It gave a nice base for foundation but overall my make-up felt heavy and my skin felt clogged. This would be nice to use for the occasional night out when you might wear a bit more make-up than normal but I definitely won't be relying on it for everyday use.

I've never used a make-up fixing spray before, I've never really seen the point. Collection's 'Fix Me Up' made my made-up face feel nice and refreshed but it didn't make any noticeable difference to my make-up. I imagine if you wear a lot of make-up it would help to hold it in place a bit longer but again for everyday use it seems a bit pointless. Also I must note that I absolutely despise the smell, it smells like a cross between cheap hairspray and musty old clothes! It doesn't linger for too long though luckily!

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Crayon in 'Perfect Kiss' (£19.46)
I'd never heard of the brand Mirenesse before but the colour of this crayon is beautiful. I'd describe it as a reddish-coral with lots of gold shimmer. I really love the colour but the shimmer ruined it for me, I left traces of gold sparkles all over my tea cup, even after using my Rimmel Lipstick Lock, and after an hour of wearing this I was left with flaky-looking gold lips, not pretty. I'm disappointed because like I said, the colour is lovely. If there was a matte version I'd be all over it!

Thomas Sabo Lip Gloss (£10.45)
Again, another brand I'd never heard of. Thomas Sabo is primarily a jewellery brand with a few beauty products as part of their 'charm club' range. I'm not a lip gloss person at all, when I wore this it was windy outside and my hair kept getting stuck to my face, it was horrible! However the colour is really nice and it does give a nice glossy but not over-the-top finish, so I'd recommend it to people who do wear lip gloss, just not fussy people like me!

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  1. WOW! Amazing review and so honest too! I posted about the benefit mascara also! (3rd post down on my blog) and my opinion was the same as yours it was not very nice it looked pretty tacky and really clumped the lashes. Mines was a free sample however which was lucky but the price is very expensive :'( xxx