Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Life Updates

Hi all! I've not really had much to say recently blog-wise, been lounging around in my leggings and procrastinating from doing Uni work (so much so that I am now more than a little bit swamped with five assignments due in this month). Here's a few little things I've done recently:

I jumped in the ridiculously deep snow at my Gran's house (it was frozen though so I didn't sink!)

I dyed my hair so now it is all one colour

I let my little sister drag me out roller blading, and I sucked at it
(check my unimpressed face, I much prefer my quad skates!)

I went to see Evolution Rollergirls play Hereford Rollergirls and it was incredible! Evolution RG also let me train with them a couple of times and I've learnt loads, can't wait to skate with them again!

Me and my Mama were on the telly!

Isn't life exciting?! Now I'm back at Uni where all my clothes and my tripod live I should be able to get back into outfit posting again. I've really missed blogging but didn't want to force myself to post when I knew I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say! Thanks to everyone who hasn't unfollowed me... ;)


  1. You were on telly? How come? Looks like a cookery type programme?
    I really would,ove to get back on my roller blades, I used to be so good on them but would probably suck now! Xx

    1. Last Summer I worked on the PR at Ludlow Food Festival and got roped into running a pie competition, which ended up being filmed for the BBC! It was really exciting :)
      You should do it! I hadn't been on mine for ages but I picked it up again quite quickly, it's definitely more fun than going running/walking xx