Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Floral Cardi

Afternoon all! Would first like to say thanks to all the new people following me since last week, I'm now at 60 followers which is awesome and exciting! Feel free to follow me on Twitter too as I love having a good chatter with other bloggers/blog-stalkers ;)

Hat, necklace and cardi: eBay
Dress and shoes: Topshop

I'm not usually a big floral-wearer (which seems silly as I have flowers tattooed on my feet) but I couldn't resist buying this vintage cardi last week, and it was only 99p! This dress is also new, I've wanted it for ages but never had the pennies to spare, but luckily my lovely friend Ashley bought it for me as a birthday present. He also treated me to dinner at Red Hot World Buffet in Cardiff for my birthday, I'm so spoilt! Red Hot is a bit hit and miss, some of the mains are a bit meh, and the curries are all too spicy for me (but so delicious I just can't stop eating them even when my eyes and nose are streaming!) but the sushi and the starters are just AMAZING! I wish I knew how to make sushi, I'd never eat anything else!

I've had a bit of a mad birthday week, my lovely boyfriend took me to Jamie's Italian in Bristol on my actual birthday which was frabulous, then I went to Bunker in Cardiff on Friday and I got very very drunk! The people there were really nice as they saw my massive 'It's my Birthday' badge and gave me free entry and free cloakroom privileges! Then on Sunday we went to Carnage and I got a bit carried away with tweeting the crazy goings on, but it was actually an alright night and we had the nicest taxi driver on the way home, he chatted to us about quiz shows for the whole journey, what a babe! Today I need to catch up on some Uni work, boooo.

Also a little reminder, I'm putting on a gig at Buffalo Bar on Tuesday which is looking to be a great night, so let me know if you're coming and I'll make sure to say hi! 

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