Thursday, 28 March 2013

Country Show Cook Off

Morning all! I've got some really exciting news to share today!

Last year I was offered a work placement with Jo at Pebble PR while I was at home for the summer months. From working with Jo I managed to get involved in Ludlow Food Festival, a brilliant event held every year at the beginning of September. I ended up being put in charge of the Fidget Pie competition; usually a minor addition to the Festival, this year had become much more of a big deal as the BBC wanted to film it for a new show, Country Show Cook Off. I organised the whole competition with a little help from Jo and Beth, the Festival organiser, and we had quite a good number of entries as well as two celebrity chefs that the BBC had sent our way. The idea was that the celebs would enter anonymously and see how they ranked against the locals.

(Fidget pie picture from Shropshire Food Blog)

Country Show Cook Off started on Monday 25th March and my Fidget Pies were set to be featured in episode 15, however I have received an email from Jo and checked with the TV Guide and it looks like we are going to be broadcast on BBC2 tomorrow evening after Eggheads! I'm really excited about this, even though I'll have to watch it on iPlayer because I'll be at work until 7pm :( It's a really big boost to my CV and my portfolio and I'm really happy to have been involved in the whole thing. 

If you end up watching Country Show Cook Off tomorrow, let me know what you think! Sadly I didn't have much say in the actual TV show but I did organise the pie competition!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Polka Dot Day

Hat: eBay
Dress: Miso at Republic
Leather jacket: Wallis
Creepers*: Amazon

Today I went into town to get some bits and bobs, and of course have a mooch around the charity shops! Funnily enough, I bought a dress and a t-shirt, both black with white dots! It's just one of those days obviously.

I've had a stress this evening because I realised the assignment I've been working on all week is all wrong and I basically have had to start again! It seems to be going well though so I've allowed myself a bit of time to make chilli for tea and of course have a cheeky blogging break. Back to work now though, byeee!

*A nice man in town today told me he liked my shoes, he said that he had some 'back in the day' but then they were called 'beetle crushers'. I found this quite amusing so thought I'd share it here :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Here's a nice shiny high-quality scan of my latest drawing. I also photocopied it and coloured it in, not sure which I prefer though! I wish I could do this all day instead of Uni!

You can right-click and 'open image in new tab' (or whatever your browser's equivalent is) to see the full sizes, apologies in advance if they hurt your eyes! These drawings are my original work so please don't use them without my permission :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Floral Cardi

Afternoon all! Would first like to say thanks to all the new people following me since last week, I'm now at 60 followers which is awesome and exciting! Feel free to follow me on Twitter too as I love having a good chatter with other bloggers/blog-stalkers ;)

Hat, necklace and cardi: eBay
Dress and shoes: Topshop

I'm not usually a big floral-wearer (which seems silly as I have flowers tattooed on my feet) but I couldn't resist buying this vintage cardi last week, and it was only 99p! This dress is also new, I've wanted it for ages but never had the pennies to spare, but luckily my lovely friend Ashley bought it for me as a birthday present. He also treated me to dinner at Red Hot World Buffet in Cardiff for my birthday, I'm so spoilt! Red Hot is a bit hit and miss, some of the mains are a bit meh, and the curries are all too spicy for me (but so delicious I just can't stop eating them even when my eyes and nose are streaming!) but the sushi and the starters are just AMAZING! I wish I knew how to make sushi, I'd never eat anything else!

I've had a bit of a mad birthday week, my lovely boyfriend took me to Jamie's Italian in Bristol on my actual birthday which was frabulous, then I went to Bunker in Cardiff on Friday and I got very very drunk! The people there were really nice as they saw my massive 'It's my Birthday' badge and gave me free entry and free cloakroom privileges! Then on Sunday we went to Carnage and I got a bit carried away with tweeting the crazy goings on, but it was actually an alright night and we had the nicest taxi driver on the way home, he chatted to us about quiz shows for the whole journey, what a babe! Today I need to catch up on some Uni work, boooo.

Also a little reminder, I'm putting on a gig at Buffalo Bar on Tuesday which is looking to be a great night, so let me know if you're coming and I'll make sure to say hi! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Summary

Hello lovely people! I've been a bit pants on the blogging recently because of Uni and personal stuff, so I thought I'd catch you up on some of the little things in my life that I've been doing/buying/using etc.


I went home last weekend, and was sent back with this box of treats, not to be opened until my birthday (March 4th, ie. tomorrow). However my Mum let me open it today so we could Skype at the same time, and I have been so spoilt! She'd wrapped up 22 little presents including lots of chocolate, craft supplies, a new bikini and a scratchcard that I won £1 on!

I started this drawing around New Year and sort of lost motivation to finish it after a while, however I promised myself I would finish it before I turn 22 so I got stuck in and managed to finish it last week! I've done a lot of drawings like this over the years; occasionally I just get the urge to draw crazy lines! Next time I'm going to try and use more intricate lines and shapes as a bit of a personal challenge.

This week I've been reading Nylon magazine, I'm lucky enough that our Students' Union shop sells this! I've recently gone off Company magazine, which used to be my favourite, after I found some of their online posts and articles a bit bitchy. Nylon never lets me down! I've also been reading 'It's Not Summer Without You' by Jenny Han. I read 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' last year and really enjoyed it, but this one is a bit more serious which is interesting. Also check out my cute new bookmark that was in my birthday box!

A few recent beauty treats: Dove nourishing oil care hair spray, No7 cleansing brush my Mum bought me with her insane amount of Boots points, Avon nail treatments from the birthday box and the eyelashes I plan to wear for my birthday night out next weekend. Reviews soon I promise!


And last but not least, my nails of the week! In case you hadn't worked it out, I have a bit of an obsession with Eric Carle's illustrations, in particular The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I was feeling a bit down so decided to brighten my day by painting my nails with some of his designs! They've peeled off now sadly but I will definitely do them again soon!

Other exciting goings on:
Tomorrow I am going out for a birthday meal in Bristol with my lovely boyfriend. We're deciding between cheap but exciting (ZaZa Bazaar) or pretending we are sophisticated (Jamie's Italian) haha. Either way it will be lovely to spend some time with him for my birthday and our three-year anniversary which is today!

Yesterday in skating we all attempted 25 in 5 (25 laps of the track in 5 minutes) which you have to do to pass minimum skills, which you need to pass to be able to compete in roller derby. I'd never tried it before and I managed 18.5 laps, which I am pretty pleased with seeing as I'm not very confident at skating fast yet. I'm really excited to try it again and see if I can do it next time!

My lovely friend Ashley is coming down on Thursday to spend the weekend here, and we are going out in Cardiff on Friday for mine and my housemate's birthday, and then on Sunday we are going to Carnage! It's going to be a mad weekend but I can't wait, life is so exciting at the moment!