Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lashes of London Wishlist

Lashes of London are currently running a 'create a wishlist' competition. I wasn't really aware of the brand until I saw the competition promoted on Twitter, but I had a nose through their website and there are some serious gems on there! My faves are a mix of grungy/luxurious with dark colours, sequins and velvet, my ideal outfit combination! Here are my four favourite pieces:

1. Netz Heart Back Sequin Tee: I love tops with cut out/sheer sections like this one. Makes it exciting enough for a night out, but they can also be worn in the day without being too indecent. This one has the added bonus of a heart-shaped cut out, and sequins = perfect combination!

2. Copson Tie Dye Dress: I am in love with this dress, it is just perfect. If I didn't have to wait two months to get paid from work (awkward contract, booo!) I would snatch it up immediately. It's the perfect mix between girly with the waterfall cut and grungy with the black and bright green tie dye. Yeah, I desperately need this dress in my life!

3. New Romantic Velvet Leggings: The colour of these is just great, and I am a sucker for velvet. These would look amazing with a black semi-sheer blouse for a night out, or an oversized white t-shirt for daytime.

4. Zines Sequin Tee: Like I said, sequins are awesome! And I love the colours in this. I never really thought much of greens/blues in clothes but I think Lashes of London have convinced me that actually, they work pretty well!

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  1. I entered this too! I love the dress, it's so unusual. xxx