Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moustache Socks and the Best Shoes

This morning as I was sitting around waiting for my hair to dry (exciting, I know) I heard a knock at the front door. Expecting it to be the courier with my roller skates I leaped to open it to find, not skates, but the most amazing pair of shoes I've ever owned. In the excitement over my roller skates (which should be here ANY DAY NOW) I almost forgot I'd ordered these!

What you can't see from these photos (lucky you) is that I am still wearing my pyjama top. I was just too excited to put these on haha!
Moustache socks from Dorothy Perkins via Mama Claus

I bought these creepers with the Amazon voucher that Daxon sent me which makes them even more amazing in my opinion! I've wanted some decent creepers for absolutely ages, and after the last pair I bought from River Island absolutely destroyed my feet and had to be sold on, I thought I'd never find the perfect pair. However, these are super comfy and they look great and I'm so excited to wear them all the time!!


  1. Love the shoes! :)

    The socks are amazing - I seem to be loving anything with a moustache on, I have a moustache mug that I store my make-up brushes in!

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  2. Those creepers are gorgeous, I was going to get black ones, but I thought I would get burgandy as all my other boots/shoes are black ha ha. Love the socks with them. So Cute

    Hamida X

  3. Your socks ae so cute! Xx


  4. Those socks are so much fun, and the shoes are so cute.


  5. Your shoes are gorgeous and so in love with your socks!!
    Lianne x