Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mini January Sales Haul

I popped into town today to transfer some money for my London trip (tomorrow!) and got to Lloyds and realised I've left my savings card at Uni, such an idiot! So, with my lack of funds obviously at the front of my mind, I took myself sales shopping...

To be fair, I only spent £23. Putting my bargains together I realised how many patterns I've got going on, practically unheard of for me! I also managed to replace the sunglasses I broke in October (managed to find exactly the same ones!) and get myself a leopard print dress, something I've wanted for ages! So all in all, apart from the major fail on the banking front, today was quite a success! Now back to playing Sims 2 getting on with some Uni work ;)

Leopard print dress (£10) from H&M: This was reduced to half price because there's a button missing from the back. I have a hefty supply of buttons so this is no worry to me at all, winner!

Sparkly beanie (£3) and round sunglasses (£2) from River Island: I'm about 90% sure that my friend Ashley has bought me a beanie hat for a late Christmas present, but in case you weren't aware by now, I really can't resist a bit of sparkle! And I originally bought these sunglasses before the summer but like I said, they broke (actually I fixed the frames with masking tape and wore them to be a geek for Carnage haha!) but I love them as they make me look like a Tim Burton character!

Aztec print scarf (£5) from Topshop: This scarf is just unbelievably lovely. It's so soft and the pattern is beautiful. I can't wait to get myself a nice black blazer-style coat and wear this scarf with it! And then with everything else I own of course ;) Also the label said £7 but it scanned at the till as £5 AND I got 10% student discount, such a bargain!

Black/white/blue jazzy shorts (£3) from H&M: I bought these to wear for roller skating, quite simply. They're actually really flattering so I'ma have to look out for some more!