Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Leopard Dress and Faux Fur

Hat: eBay
Leather jacket: Wallis
Faux fur stole: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: H&M
Creepers: Amazon
I'm not sure why the quality on the second photo is so weird. Maybe I've finally dropped my camera one too many times!

I've had loads of work to do this week, but of course I've been naughty and left it to the very last minute! By Friday hopefully it will all be over and I'll have a few fairly chillaxed weeks ahead of me!

I bought this dress in the H&M January sale for London. It's really flattering, but not really a sitting down dress, as the wrap bit at the front gets a bit awkward!Also, check out my lovely new faux fur stole from the Dorothy Perkins sale, I am so pleased I found one finally! It looks awesome with my leather jacket and generally everything in my wardrobe!

I haven't really worn this hat much recently as it's been so cold I've been preferring knitted bobble hats! I put this spiked River Island headband around my hat to make it look a bit different, you can't really tell here but I think it looks pretty cool!


  1. Great outfit! Love your dress and stole, what great sales finds. Such a good idea to put a headband on your hat too!
    Lianne x

  2. oo love that dress! hate when you cant sit down in them though i'm such a bloke the way I sit haha xx

  3. Hi Rosie! I nominated you for the Leibster award :) Take a look on my blog :) xx

  4. I love the hat, it looks great with the headband on it! xo

  5. lovely outfit, and that fur collar :Dx

  6. I love this outfit its gorgeous! Love the hat/leopard/fur collar looks great!