Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Jumper!

Jumper: Vintage
'Disco' leggings: Primark
Shoes: Topshop

This is pretty much the outfit I've been living in for the past week or so. I got this vintage Christmas jumper at Buffalo Boutique when I went with Nina and some of the lovely South Wales Bloggers for a mini meet-up. This is the first Christmas jumper I've had in probably about 18 years (see: me and my little sister) and I love it so much. My Mum is planning to get a family photo of us all this year wearing Christmas jumpers which is pretty cheesy but will probably be super cute :)

My Very Busy December is very much underway; I spent last weekend at Caerphilly Castle managing stewards at the Medieval Christmas Fayre which was a lot of work and running around but good fun overall. Tomorrow at 5am (eurgh!) my boyfriend Josh and I are catching a Megabus to Birmingham to see Placebo at the O2 Academy which I am so excited about! Then when we get back on Friday I'm off out for my house mate Meg's birthday in my most sparkly party clothes, which I can't wait for either!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

SEVENTEEN 'Brow's That!'

So, mooching as I often am in Boots the other day I came across this pretty fantastic offer from Boots brand SEVENTEEN, one of my steady favourite make-up brands. Spend £8 on SEVENTEEN products and get this free Brow's That palette (worth £6) for free, alright then! Seeing as I was already buying a £4 nail varnish I thought I might as well get a lipstick (you just have to don't you) and get a nice freebie too!

I have absolute nightmarish eyebrows. I'm sure everyone says that but honestly, mine are just ridiculous. An unfortunate tent-related accident (you can't make these things up) when I was 11 left me with a huge white scar across my right eyebrow meaning that I forever look like I've shaved jazzy patterns into my brow, which isn't really a look I can get along with. I have to keep my brows pretty thin to follow the shape of the scar, but my eyebrow hairs seem to grow quite long and are hard to shape from one day to the next.

This palette contains a brow pencil, wax, setting powder and a highlighter. The little instruction leaflet that came with it told me to pencil on my brows with short strokes (ie. colour in the huge white gap in the right one), then apply the wax in long sweeping strokes to hold the straggly hairs in place. You then dab on the powder to set the wax and finish off with a bit of highlighter under the eyebrows for extra fancy-ness.

I was incredibly impressed with this kit, especially for a freebie! The woman in Boots told me it's supposed to rival Benefit's Brow-Zings, which I have never tried, but I have a shifty eye on its £23.50 price tag, for which I could buy four 'Brow's That's and a chocolate bar if I used my discount card! But anyway, what I love about this palette is the staying power of the products. My eyebrows are still 90% perfect at the end of the day (a standard day involving Uni, a nap and some telly-watching), the only minor downside is that it takes me a while to do all the fiddly little steps; I'm pretty certain that the past few days I've spent more time make-up-wise on my brows than the rest of my face combined, maybe I just need some practice!

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette, especially on the offer, and SEVENTEEN have really good nail varnishes and lipsticks if you need an excuse to spend £8!

Friday, 29 November 2013

W7 Cosmic Nails

As I showed briefly in my video of the evening, at the House of Fraser event I attended a few weeks ago we were treated to a mini manicure from Nails Inc, who were showing off their Christmas range of polishes and glitters, 'Bling It On'. The glitter effects were so lovely but the £18 price tag not so much for a poor student like me. Happily, in Peacocks the other day I spotted this 'Cosmic Nail Dust' by the brand W7, a brand I'd never heard of before, but for £2 a bottle I couldn't really say no.

The Cosmic Nail Dust is basically a pot of glitter that you sprinkle onto freshly-painted nails. I found it easier to do one nail at a time - paint, sprinkle, tap off the excess. The effect is absolutely stunning, I can't stop wiggling my fingers and just staring at the beautiful colours and sparkles! I also found that because the glitter sticks to the wet polish, the drying time is really quick. I found that my nails were dry within less then five minutes, so this would be a great look to do in a rush before a night out or a party. I used a top coat but didn't really notice a difference - the texture is still very coarse which can be a bit annoying, and I imagine it will be very stubborn to remove. But for almost one tenth of the Nails Inc. price one can't really complain! I also found that if I sprinkled the glitter onto my nails over a piece of folded paper I could just funnel the glitter right back into the pot, so one little pot will definitely last me a while, winner!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tartan Dress

Dress: Republic
Top: H&M
Coat: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Bow: Crown & Glory

This is the outfit I wore to the House of Fraser Christmas event in Bristol a few weeks ago. I love this dress but I did feel a bit school-girl-y around everyone in their fancy Christmas outfits!

Tomorrow kickstarts what looks to be a very busy month for me, which after lazing around feeling ill for ages is a very exciting prospect! There will be lots of live music, partying, working at Caerphilly Castle's Medieval Christmas Fayre, travelling and then on December 16th I have a job interview which is perhaps the most exciting thing of all! 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MOM Jeans

Top: Monki
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

This is what I wore today* to pop into town for medicines and also for a cheeky charity shop mission (check out this incredible jumper I found!). I've had a cold all weekend and it's not going away, and medicines are so expensive! Tomorrow I'ma see if the doctors will give me anything, at least then it'll be free on prescription, cheers Welsh government!! 

I've been living in these MOM jeans since I bought them last week, although I was a bit miffed off that I had to buy them two whole sizes bigger than my Joni jeans, Topshop and their silly inconsistent sizing, booo. These do seem a lot better quality than the Joni jeans though; I can never find skinny jeans that are proper denim as I have oddly proportioned legs, so this slouchy fit seems pretty perfect, and they won't disintegrate after a few washes (I hope)! My boyfriend did call them 'man jeans' the other day which ain't cool, but then what does he know!

I've spent the majority of my ill weekend watching Will and Grace and lying around. I keep waiting for them to run out of gay puns and they never do, bravo!

*Obviously I wore a big coat and a jumper today too, otherwise ranting about being ill would be very hypocritical.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

House of Fraser Christmas

On Thursday I was invited to House of Fraser in Cabot Circus, Bristol to have a look at some of their Christmas products, and also a little tour around their spa and beauty salon.

Their decorations were absolutely stunning, with themes such as woodland and nature-inspired, white trees with rose gold baubles and flowers and some adorable creatures such as deer and cute fluffy little owls. Unfortunately my camera was not co-operating with the light and all my photos came out awful, however I managed to take a few video clips which I have pieced together here. This is my first video so I hope it's not too horrendous! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated :)

I'm currently in the middle of a horrible cold/flu/sore throat/cough-y bug thing and my brain feels like fluff so stringing words together is a bit of a challenge. When I'm healthy I'll post some photos of my outfit for the night, and probably go through this post and edit all the appalling grammar!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini Reviews #3

Now I'm back at Uni I've sadly had to cut down on my spending, and therefore haven't really been buying many exciting new beauty products - I've stuck to replacing trusted products once they run out, not wanting to take a risk in case something doesn't suit me/work right for me. However I do have a few products I purchased over the summer that I've recently pulled out of my stash to play around with, just to keep life exciting!

(Sorry for the boring stock photos, my silly camera has inexplicably stopped working!)

This is easily the most money I've spent on a beauty item, but I was clearly in a frivolous mood. It's odd to think of a toner as 'exfoliating' for me, as obviously it doesn't have little scrubby bits in or anything like that. This toner is thicker than most I've used before and it smells a bit floral which isn't my cup of tea, however it feels lovely on and makes my face feel soft and smooth, like it's been polished! Definitely worth the expensive price tag, especially as I only use it once or twice a week.

I bought this on a whim when I went to replace my favourite perfume and there was a 'buy one get one half price' offer going on. I use a teeny bit of this on the ends of my hair before I blow dry it to keep it from getting too frizzy. It works really well, however I have found that if I use it every single day my hair tends to get greasy quicker, so now I save it for days when I'm doing a lot of curling/styling to my hair to protect it. If you've got dry hair I'd say this is definitely up there with my favourite Macadamia Oil, but for a lot less money!

I think everyone and their mother got this freebie with Elle magazine a few months ago! I've only used it a handful of times because I can't stand the smell, it smells just like vodka and Red Bull! I found this this did make my hair feel thicker but in a kind of sticky, stiff way, not the bouncing, swishy locks I was hoping for. I can get exactly the same result with L'Oreal's Matt and Messy Salt Spray for a teeny fraction of the price, so sorry Bumble and Bumble but (this time) you are not a winner.

I'm just going to begin this paragraph with a shake of my head and big TUT TUT. Rimmel dominates about 80% of my make up stash, and they make my all-time favourite liquid eyeliner, so when I grabbed this Thick&Thin eyeliner pen I had high expectations, and let me say they definitely were not met. The pen applicator was pretty nifty, once I'd got the hang of it, but the eyeliner itself came out watery and grey and had disappeared from my face by the end of the day. Not impressed at all.

I was in Boots last week on my never-ending quest to find the perfect red lipstick. I had a hand full of swatches and I looked more like a diseased blob than a glamorous beauty queen. In the end I ditched my efforts for yet another day and opted for this lovely dark pink. It reminds me of the lipstick my Mum used when we were little and she used to kiss us on the cheeks before she went out so we had kiss marks on our faces all night (n'aww). I feel like it's a nice alternative to red; it's bright but not harsh. The 'moisture renew' formula is very shiny, which is quite nice although it makes you very conscious of it when you wear it. If they made this in a matte formula I'd be all over it (and vice versa). I wore it on a night out and it lasted really well and although it transferred onto my glass when I was drinking, it still didn't look like it had worn off my lips when I checked it, winner!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Aztec Playsuit

Playsuit: River Island
Shoes: Office

Evening friends! I'm off to Cardiff tonight for partying. I bought a big fat bottle of Absolut Citron with my Sainsbury's vouchers and it better taste nice or else...

Check out my outfit of many bargains, this playsuit was supposed to be £25 but I got it for £6.25 because some of the stitching had come undone (thanks Mama B for fixing it!) and the shoes were £10 down from £50 in the sales, woop! I'm also pretty chuffed because when I bought this playsuit at the start of summer it only just fit me, and now it's actually a little bit baggy! If that's not cause to celebrate with vodka then I just don't know what is ;)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Purple Dress

Denim jacket: Vintage M&S
Hoodie: H&M
Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize via eBay
Just to say, I'm not intentionally trying to look moody by looking at the floor all the time, I just had a really gormless face on this morning! And also I left my tripod at home when I moved back to Uni so I had to construct one using my bedside table and some sticky tape!

This is what I wore for the first day of my last year of Uni. We had to go in to pick up our new student cards and discuss deadlines for dissertation (eek!) and module options. I'm thinking about doing a French module if they will let me, although my GCSE French is a bit rusty so I'm not sure if this is the best idea! If not I'll probably end up doing an International Marketing module which sounds really interesting.

I'm almost just about settled into my Uni house, although I still have some unpacking to do which is very unorganised of me. This year, although I'm still in the same house, I've got much better storage as I have a new desk and my Dad put up some shelves (which we're not technically supposed to do so don't tell anyone!) and I've decorated a bit more, so I might post some photos of my room soon because I'm actually quite proud of it!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Home Trial with Glasses Direct

One of my goals for the summer was to get contact lenses, or at least try them. I have been faffing for two whole months with Boots Opticians getting my eyes tested, trying different shapes/materials etc. and I have actually been really messed around. While I'm sure Boots Opticians is generally a good service, the staff in Shrewsbury have been mostly completely useless (a few of them were very nice and helpful but the majority were rude, unhelpful and actually gave me wrong information on multiple occasions)... but anyway that's another rant for another day!

In the end I gave up on my contact lens mission as I have astigmatism (eyeballs are supposed to be football-shaped but mine are more like rugby balls) and so any lenses I wore would not only NOT fit me properly but would also cost me a small fortune. So I gave up and resorted to getting new glasses. I hunted through Boots and Specsavers but didn't find anything that really impressed me, and certainly not any price tags to tempt me! I came home and did a quick Google search and found Glasses Direct, who offer cheap(er) glasses than the high street stores and with better offers. They also have a very handy feature where you can choose up to four frames that you like and they will send you trial versions to test at home! Which is exactly what this post is about...

These are my old glasses, from the value range at Specsavers about two years ago


My favourite pair is number 1, they're kind of like a daintier, slightly cooler version of my old glasses, which makes me feel like I'm growing up. I don't really like pair 2 as they are pink on the insides and pink just ain't my thang, which is a shame because the shape of  them is quite nice actually. Pair 3 are my silver medallists, runners up and second favouritest even though they're a little bit novelty-ish and pair 4 are just plain ridiculous and make me look like an owl in drag.

I'm quite convinced by the first pair, and I think I will get pair 3 too as Glasses Direct have a 'two for one' offer on - and it's always nice to have a spare pair of specs in the car! I'm probably also going to get some prescription sunglasses from Firmoo when I get some more pennies (and if the sun comes back!) as they have a nice 'first pair free' offer. 

Let me know what you think of my new specs!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bumper Lush Goodies Post

I wrote about the Lush blogger event back in June; it was a brilliant night, I discovered some amazing products and to be honest I am now generally a bit of a Lush fanatic*. Unfortunately some of the samples I mentioned in my last post got a bit destroyed when I moved out of my Uni house, but I've been back since and re-stocked my collection with some different treats, all paid for with my own pennies and all completely worth it!

I bought this lip scrub at the blogger event after seeing it mentioned on a few other random blogs. I was curious because it had never occurred to me that my lips might need scrubbing, but after trying it I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! This one smells (and tastes, it's all natural so you can eat it, yum!) of mint and chocolate and leaves my lips feeling really lovely and soft and tingly, especially combined with loads of lip balm afterwards!

I got given this cleanser at the blogger event but have since had to re-purchase as I used it all up! It's probably the best face cleanser I've ever used, and that's a lot from me as I do sometimes hold back from being so enthusiastic! It smells delicious, like lavender and oats and it feels really gentle to use but still like a scrub, which is just perfect for me. My skin has been so much better since using this, the scrub makes it smoother and the rose oil helps calm redness. 10/10, A*, bravo Lush!

This is the 'stronger' version of Angels on Bare Skin. I'll be honest, I only bought it because of the colour. I've never seen a black facial cleanser before and never even considered that one might exist. I use this once or twice a week if I'm having an 'I feel icky' skin day. It smells delicious, like aniseed with a hint of lemon, and it feels like sugar so it's a really good exfoliator. Unless you have particularly oily skin I wouldn't recommend using this every day but it's good for an extra deep clean now and then! It's also fun to only apply it to the bottom half of your face and pretend you have beard stubble, just fyi.

I always find it a bit amusing that these face masks need to be kept in the fridge, but I guess that just shows how fresh and lovely the ingredients are! Catastrophe Cosmetic is made of/smells like blueberry and chamomile and reminds me of Parma Violets (the sweets I mean, not the band). I have used it all up now, which is why I only have a picture of the pot (I'm saving it 'coz if you bring back five clean and empty containers to the shop you get freebies, score!) but it was lovely to put on after I got home from the gym as it cooled me down and stopped my face being so puffy and red from exercising. I found the benefits of this face mask were more in the luxurious, cooling feeling than anything else, but it was still a nice treat after a hard day!

Funnily enough (and entirely accurate) I found this on a google search for 'best spot products'. I get really bad cystic acne when I eat too much dairy (which would be easy to solve if I just cut out dairy products but chocolate) and I wanted something that would target them with some oomph-y power. It works super quickly to dry out and soothe spots with tea tree and witch hazel. I found that if I applied it in the evening to a normal spot, by the next day the spot would be well on its way to disappearing and much less noticeable. It's sadly not quite as effective at battling my cystic acne, but it does help, which seeing as it's somewhat self-inflicted, is the best I can hope for really!

So there you go, my small collection of Lush products. I've loved each and every one of these and I'll definitely be experimenting with more soon. I'm intrigued by the hair products as my hair is just a big fat pain to deal with tbh. Wish me luck with getting my dream job at Lush, then I can spend all my time and money there and justify it as research!

*My boss told me not to use the word 'fanatic' in press stuff as it sounds bad, but I promise my fanatical intentions are 100% positive!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Leopard Print in Shrewsbury

Hat: Topshop
Jacket: Vintage M&S
Dress: Topshop via eBay
Bag: Brand Village
Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Hello friends, here's a photo of me standing by some flowers wearing a new dress I bought off eBay, I'm quite pleased with it even though it rides up when I walk SO MUCH but I wore a little skirt under it and all dignity was not lost. I know the photo is a bit un-detailed(?) but in the close-up my little sister took I looked a bit gormless from squinting in the sun, sigh.

Today I dragged my sister around town job-hunting (for her, not me) and I felt really horrible and old and naggy practically shoving her into every little cafe/restaurant we walked past! But gotta be cruel to be kind and all. After our masses of walking (my old lady knees are in absolute agony, booo) we treated ourselves to some sweets from the cute little pick n mix shop in Shrewsbury, I got Reese's Pieces (YUM) and chocolate raisins and Belle got Jelly Bellys and I wish I'd chosen them instead. I also bought a really nice vintage holdall bag for £3 in a charity shop, score!

I'm currently exhausted and achey and I'm looking forward to an evening of eating pizza, reading my Kindle and playing my ukulele, I've learnt loads of songs recently and I'm a bit chuffed with myself :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tax Refund Haul!

So if you follow my blog, it kinda looks like all I've done this summer is shop. But that's just not entirely true! I miss posting outfits and beauty reviews but my life has been full of work. I have got a bumper reviews post planned for this week which I'm excited to write; I had some really good feedback about my last post regarding boobs bras so I'm going to try to involve my writing skills a lot more in my blog!

Anyway, I finally sorted out my tax codes (I have two jobs and HMRC were unfairly charging me a fortune!) so next week I should get back a chunk of money they owe me, which of course meant a bit of a shopping spree! I did spend a lot of money which was very naughty of me, but I'm super happy with everything I bought and I know it will all be useful when I go back to Uni and actually get to wear things that aren't pyjamas/work clothes!

Cropped black tee from H&M: £3.99
Okay probably not the most sensible/justifiable purchase to begin my haul with, but my sister bought about 300 cropped tops in the sales yesterday and I wanted in on the action. I'm planning to wear this with a high-waisted skater skirt for casual nights out.

Purple dress from Topshop: £12 (£10.80 with student discount!)
I am wearing this now as it turns out, and when I leave the house there will be boots, a hoodie and a denim jacket involved too. I already have the grey version of this dress (worn here) so I thought I'd be daring and add some actual colour to my wardrobe (!!).

The Dream Coat from H&M: £34.99
Let me just say, I have wanted a coat like this (oversized blazer, but in winter coat form) for over a year now, and when I walked into H&M and saw it by the door I actually shrieked out loud (ask my sister, she was there). I threw my bags on the floor and dived right into this beautiful creation and I swear it was love at first sight. I did the whole 'I'll walk around a bit and think about it' thing to make me feel like I was being sensible but really, who was I kidding? I am so excited to wear this coat aaaall winter, so please can it get cold soon?!

Aztec pattern scarf/shawl/blanket/rug from H&M: £13.99
While I was walking around pretending to decide if I wanted to buy aforementioned Dream Coat, I happened upon this scarf. It's actually more like a shawl and to put its magnificent size into perspective, if I spread it out on my (single) bed it covers it completely. I plan to wear it sensibly like a scarf to walk to Uni, then curl up in it and nap during my lectures (jk, well maybe)

Printed t-shirt from Primark: £5
I don't know what one is supposed to call this style/pattern but I call it 'I look like I'm wearing an ugly vase but in a really awesome way' and it was just too beautiful to leave in the shop.

Suedette sleeve t-shirts from Primark: £4 each
These t-shirts are so lovely. I got them a few sizes too big because they are just long enough to wear as dresses for a night out, otherwise they'll look awesome tucked into high-waisted jeans/skirts. Good bargain.

I also bought some new face stuff from Lush, a pinafore dress which was really hard to photograph and some new creepers (£7 in the New Look sale, winning!) to replace my tatty old ones. Oh and two Krispy Kreme doughnuts for lunch, oops :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bra Shopping at M&S

Today I went bra shopping, what a thrill. I have worn the same size bra since forever, really. I got measured when I was quite young and never bothered to do it again because what if my size had changed? I'd have to completely replace my entire bra collection, and what an expensive hassle that would be!

I was content and comfy in my 34B bras, until about three months ago when I was sitting around and all of a sudden POP and my trusty Matalan bra of about six years just broke open at the front! I was horrified, but I put it down to the OAP status of the bra and carried on with my life until a few weeks later the same thing happened again with another, less ancient bra! I found it quite funny and didn't think anything of it. And yes, it happened again. TWICE. Luckily there was no major embarrassment as I was at home for most of the incidents (I saved my dignity the last time with a big safety pin), however I did finally have to admit to myself that, maybe I need to get measured and go on a bra-buying spree.

So off I went to Marks and Spencers with my Mum in tow (she likes to be a part of these special moments in my life) and I booked an appointment to be fitted (I don't really know why you have to book but I went along with it). The woman who measured me was really nice. She took me into their special changing rooms; each cubicle has a curtain down the middle so you can have someone in there with you but you can still have your own little private bit to get changed in. She got me to take my top off but I kept my (last remaining) bra on; she measured around my chest with a tape measure and then judged the cup size by sight, most impressive.

Photos from The Telegraph and Tumblr

And shock, horror, my new bra size (as I said, I have been wearing 34B bras since I first got measured at 16) is 36D!* That sounded/sounds mahoosive to me, but the sales lady went to find me a few bras to try on (after asking me what colours I prefer, which I thought was quite nice of her) and when she came back to show me what she'd found I couldn't help but cry 'THEY LOOK HUGE!'. She laughed and said maybe, but I tried them on and they actually fit really well. I felt like a bit of a nob for thinking my previous (and comparatively teeny tiny) bras were right for me, no wonder I was bursting out of them like the Incredible Hulk!

Anyway, with a stunned and slightly fearful look on my face I went out into the wide world of Marks and Spencers' underwear section and fished out a few acceptable-looking bras. I cannot express enough how hard this was as they all looked frumpy and unattractive to me, not being used to shopping for such large undergarments, and I still feel strange when I try them on now. I'm not particularly pleased to find out that my chest has grown; it's not as if it's grown overnight and I now look different. They're still the same boobs I've always had, no matter what size bra they've got wrapped around them. But I know that my new bras DO fit better, feel more supportive (if not a bit strange) and will flatter me more. So all in all I thoroughly recommend getting measured regularly because it's free, quick and could probably save you a lot of hassle somewhere down the line!

*It might be worth noting that I did actually measure my own chest at home before going to get professionally measured and using this calculator I actually came up with the same size as the lady in M&S told me, so if you for whatever reason can't/don't want to get professionally fitted, maybe give it a go!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Primark Summer Haul

I don't think I like the word 'haul'. I'd much rather call today's shopping efforts a 'spree', it's much more fun to say! Anyway, today I went to Telford shopping with my Mum and sister. Telford is the nearest big shopping centre to us in Shrewsbury, and in my opinion it has the best Primark I've ever been in; the selection is always super and it's probably the least crazy (in terms of busy-ness) Primark I've seen. The plan today was to buy emergency summer clothes for Guide camp next week (I'm one of the leaders, it's so much fun!). Here is what I bought:

Cat t-shirt: £5
Because one can never have too many t-shirts with cats on...

Fresh Prince T-shirt: £8 (from the men's section)
I've wanted this t-shirt for ages and I'm so happy I managed to get it today!

Leopard print boyfriend t-shirt: £4
This t-shirt is so awesome and it's a really nice baggy fit, I wish they had it in different patterns, I probably would have snapped them all up!

Harlem Shake t-shirt: £4
I only bought this because I thought it was funny, it will be a strictly lazing/ironic t-shirt. Also I don't really know why there is an accent on the 'E'...?

Denim-style playsuit: £12
I love this playsuit but I'm actually a bit miffed about it, the top press stud is missing and there's a huge pen mark on the front that I didn't notice in the shop. It's too much of a mission to go return it so I'll just have to attempt a DIY rescue effort, oh well!

Skater dress: £5
I didn't actually try this on so I hope it fits me! Will be nice for summer and then with tights for winter :)

Patterned dress: £13
I don't know why I was so drawn to this dress but I do really like it! It'll be good for summer as it's just a bit longer than most of my other dresses, and the fabric is nice and light too. I like the buttons at the back, although I'm tempted to try it on backwards to see how they look at the front...

I also got some pretty sunglasses from Primark, and then some lip balm and nail varnishes from Bodycare which I am excited to use as I haven't painted my nails in ages!

Some of the other things I bought in Primark that weren't really photograph-friendly were some gym leggings, some socks and pants and some men's swimming trunks to wear in the sun; the patterns were so awesome me and my sister couldn't leave them in the shop! After we went to Primark we stopped for a Krispy Kreme (yum!) and then I got some treats from Lush and some jeans and a big floppy hat from H&M. A very successful spree indeed!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wishlist #4 - Men's Clothes

This might seem a bit odd to some people, but I actually buy a lot of men's clothes to wear myself. I find that their sizing is more forgiving on my awkward figure, the prices are often much better value and some of the designs are just more awesome! I've yet to investigate men's jeans, but after a sad incident involving Topshop's Mom jeans (they were skintight on me, booo) I might have to look into it, I'll let you know how it goes!

1. Tally & Hoe Stag Collar Chain from Asos: The idea of men's jewellery seems a bit strange even to me, and I don't know any boys who would wear something like this. However I like my jewellery quirky and generally quiet chunky, so this is pretty ideal for me!

2. Denim Tie-Dye Oversized Shirt from Topman: So many women's shirts are fitted, even the ones that are supposed to be 'oversized' are often not really generous enough to fit a hoodie underneath, which is one of the ways I would wear this one. Also I do love a bit of tie dye and I am very pleased it is back 'in'.

3. New Love Club Tie-Dye T-shirt from Topman: Yes as I said, tie dye, woohoo! I don't often wear bright colours but I would definitely pair this with a denim skater skirt and swish around all dazzling and summery-like.

4. Hype Cheetah Beanie from Topman: I love a good hat. And I love leopard print. SOLD.

5. Monsters Inc Print T-shirt from Topman: How awesome is this t-shirt?! I know you can buy Disney t-shirts for girls but they always seem to have some kind of decoration or sparkly thing on, I love how men's clothes are generally just simple and straightforward. 

6. Icon Brand Heart Necklace from Asos:  I've wanted a necklace like this for ages, but I'd have to have it in silver. As I said before, quirky and chunky = winner.

7. Black Paint Splash T-shirt from River Island: The pattern on this top reminds me of the stars at night, so cute!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Feather Print Trousers

Blazer: Topshop
Top: Sainsbury's
Trousers: ASOS
Shoes: Miss Selfridge
Satchel: Brand Village

This is what I wore today to start my new job*. I'm very excited to be starting my career, even though I still have another year left at Uni! I had a good first day, although I spent it researching local restaurants/foodie places on an empty stomach which was a bit painful!

These trousers feel a bit pyjama-y but I think they look alright with a nice top and a blazer. I could do with a proper shirt to wear with them but I can't find one that's the right balance between comfortable and smart!

Tomorrow I'm off to Beach Break festival in Newquay to work as Artist Liaison, I'm not entirely sure what the job involves as the information they gave me was a bit vague but I'm still excited. Last year I really didn't enjoy working at Beach Break, but now I've been offered a non-stewarding position I'm willing to give it another go!

Also, don't forget to follow me via Bloglovin'! I don't really understand all this business with Google Friend Connect, I've been a bit out of touch recently! Luckily I already use Bloglovin' to stalk follow all my favourite bloggers, I'm so ahead of the game ;)

*Technically it's not a new job as I was the work experience girl last year, but now I'm on an official contract with wages and holiday allowance and everything which I am incredibly happy about!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sleepy Time!

I was recently contacted by Mediayeti on behalf of Silent Night, the bed company, who are conducting research into sleep accessories, and if they actually help you to sleep or not. Apparently 75% of adults do not get a good night's sleep, and I definitely agree that I am one of them! In my student house there are eight of us, which can get pretty noisy, and also my bed is incredibly uncomfortable!

I was offered to try this Avon Sleep Therapy spray (on offer at the moment so definitely worth a look!). I had one of these when I was a lot younger and I thought they'd stopped producing it. I think it's just the best smell in the world. I'm not a massive fan of lavender, which seems to be the main component in most 'relaxing' health/beauty products, but this one is different. I'm awful at describing smells, I guess it's quite fresh but strong and heavy(?) at the same time. It makes me feel cozy and relaxed, and after using it for a while I now associate it with 'sleep time' so I've conditioned myself to get sleepy when I smell it!

My sleeping pattern for the past few months has been atrocious, before my exams I would sleep all day and stay up all night revising, so that my housemates would be in bed and couldn't distract me, and now that I've finished Uni I don't bother getting out of bed until way after midday because I have nothing to do! I'm moving back home tomorrow and I start work next week though, so hopefully will get my routine back!

My best advice on getting a good night's sleep (although slightly hypocritical) is to spend as much time OUT of your bed as possible. Avoid doing Uni work, watching TV and especially eating in bed. If possible, do these things in a completely different room. It helps if you only associate your bed with sleeping, or at least relaxing, and if you can't sleep, go for a wander around the house, don't lie in bed stressing about it.

If anyone is looking for more information about Silent Night or considering buying a new bed, here is their website and list of stores local to me (West Midlands and South Wales) :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lush Cardiff Blogger Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to a VIP blogger event at Lush in Cardiff this evening; we were treated to mocktails, demonstrations, lots of advice and samples and even a full-sized tub of Angels on Bare Skin, Lush's top facial cleanser.

Normally I don't shop in Lush as I always walk past and find the smell a bit overpowering (I have a very sensitive nose!) but I got some samples at the CDFMeet and was really impressed by the quality of the products, and also, on further research, by the values of the company.

So with some of my favourite blogging buddies I went around sniffing and poking all the little sample pots, and giving in to the 'try me' stickers on pretty much everything! And I didn't sneeze once ;)

Cheeky photo of me amongst the bath bombs, and gift boxes with my name on! Hello :)

I was so impressed by Lush's make up range, the colours are incredible and so versatile! Each little pot can be used as mascara, eyeliner, lip colour, blusher, even hair mascara (as demonstrated by/on Stef from Cowbiscuits)! There's a little app on the website where you choose the three colours from the range that stand out to you the most and it tells you what they say about you, my answers were surprisingly accurate!

Expect a bumper post of Lush reviews in a week or two, I've got so many samples to try (namely Eau Roma and Tea Tree Water toners, Ultrabland cleanser/moisturiser, Fair Trade Foot Lotion and of course Angels on Bare Skin) that I'm really excited about! I also bought myself a pot of Mint Julips which I've heard lots of good things about; I've only used it once so far and am already loving it!