Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Graze Nibblebox

I got my very first Graze box in the post this morning, very exciting stuff! For those who don't know, Graze is a company that sends you snacks in the post. You sign up to their website, rate different foods that you like/don't like and then every week/two weeks (you decide how often) they send you a selection of healthy and nutritious treats!

I applied through studentbeans.com and got my first box free, and then because I rated so many snacks (I got excited!) I am entitled to my next box half price! What a bargain! There are also other ways you can get freebies/discounts such as recommending friends and family to sign up, which I am definitely going to do! My box normally costs £3.89 and postage is free, which I think is great value considering the wonderful service and quality of the products.

The packaging this week is adorable, I'm definitely going to keep this box as some kind of storage (although they are recyclable). The boxes are designed to be letter-box sized so no worries if you're not home when it arrives. The snacks are in little plastic sealed tubs and you also get a napkin, and I got a cocktail stick thingy for my olives. The box also came with a little 'welcome' card with nutritional information on, and a little book of tips to get the most out of the Graze box service. 

The treats I got this week are:
'Yin and Yang' - a mix of almonds, cherries, raisins and dark chocolate buttons
Apple and cinnamon flapjacks
'Bonnie Wee Oatbakes' with red onion marmalade (YUM)
Green olives with basil and garlic.

It is taking all the self-restraint I have (which isn't a lot!) to not eat all these treats in one go! I can't wait to see what else I get in my next box!


  1. My housemate is obsessed with these! She's got some free boxes so far and has loved them. I might have to give them a go!


  2. Ooohh I wanna try one of these! Didn't realize how affordable they were! xo

  3. Oh what a smart idea with a "food box" instead of a beauty box :D Looks really good :)

  4. yummmyy

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  5. YAY! thank you for the link!!! looks so dlish!

    love you blog darling, following

    Hamida xxx