Sunday, 2 December 2012

10 Things I Love About Christmas

I saw this feature on Holly's blog here and thought it was a really nice idea. I've decided to do my list in just one post because I've got a pretty busy month ahead and I know I'll get to about 7 then forget!

(Not entirely relevant but still funny!)

So in no particular order, my 10 favourite things about Christmas and the festive season are:

1. The food! I love that it's somehow excusable to eat an insane amount of food at this time of year. Even my Nan who has diabetes, bless her, always sneaks in extra dessert!

2. The drink! I also love that it is also excusable to drink rum in your coffee at 11am on Christmas Day, well, my parents seem to think it is anyway! My Mum always gets about five bottles of Bailey's as presents and my Dad the same but with Port. And my Nan always gets tipsy at lunch time and tells some embarrassing story about my Dad when he was younger!

3. Being with my family. Especially now that my sister and I are at Uni, it's not often that we get all of us together for a long period of time. On Christmas day it's always my parents, my Nan and me and my sisters, then on Boxing day we go see our extended family for lunch and board games!

4. The presents! I love putting all that thought and effort into presents for my friends and family and then getting to see their reactions when they open them. And obviously I enjoy getting presents too, especially from the people closest to me because it's such a lovely feeling when someone gets it just right.

5. The parties. This year I have two blogger meet ups which is really exciting! But I love the fancy dress nights out with my friends too; last year it was Christmas themed and this year we're going out in onesies!

6. New Year's Eve. I've never really been one for big parties on New Year's Eve. I prefer spending the night in with my family, having dinner and playing games then singing Auld Lang Syne at midnight and dancing around in a circle. Last year my family all went to a party and me and Josh just ate pizzas and drank wine and watched TV with the cat all night! I think it's really nice to start the year with the people you want to spend it with.

7. Christmas films. I like to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas when it's on TV (even though I have it on DVD!), but my favourite Christmas film is probably The Holiday. Other great Christmas TV viewing includes the Shrek films and Wallace and Gromit. Oh and I used to love it when Channel 4 showed all the Friends Christmas specials! Sad times.

8. Board games. I won't lie, I like to play board games all year round. But at Christmas there's always a new one to learn and bicker about! Last year we had the Best of British game (like a trivia game) and this Wallace and Gromit sheep rustling game which was really complicated but so addictive!

9. Work. Yes it seems so weird to put this on a list of things I love about Christmas, but people always seem different around this time of year, they're more talkative and cheery and friendly. It makes work so much more fun! Also we have a fancy dress competition on Christmas Eve and the winner gets a bottle of wine, this year it will be mine!

10. Christmas songs. I love how festive just one little Christmas song can make me feel! They're always playing in shops and public places, and I like it when bands or singers on the streets play them too :)

My favourite Christmas song:


  1. great post my love! i can relate to the family thing so much, I only ever see my sister when I go home now and I appreciate it so much more! wheras we used to fight so much now we get on so well!

    1. Aw yeah it really makes you appreciate your family when you suddenly can't see them every day! xx

  2. Lovely post - I am going to a Christmas party for my sixth form and the theme is Christmas fancy dress and onesie wonderland so I'm going in my onesie too! Yay! ;)

    Amber X

  3. nice post thanks for sharing! I also love so much Christmas films!
    xoxo m.