Friday, 30 November 2012

Wishlist #2

1. I've seen a few bloggers wearing this necklace and I just think it's amazing, and actually not too expensive! Although I'm a bit stingy with jewellery so hopefully I'll nab it when it comes in the sales!

2. This skirt has been in my 'wishlist' folder for ages, I'm getting into the midi trend but not entirely convinced on this one as it is navy and I wear SO MUCH BLACK. It is only £8 though...

3. This dress is very similar to the skirt I featured in my last wishlist post, but a bit more glamorous. Tempted for Christmas parties!

4. I found Burger and Friends through another blog and I absolutely LOVE all of their designs. I sent this to my boyfriend as a potential present idea and he said I have too many cat t-shirts already (I'm sure I only have two!) sad times :(

5. This clutch looks ideal for Christmas parties and it would even work for nights out all year round. I'm never sure about clutch bags though as I like to be able to dance like a crazy person and I also apparently like to pinch things like shotglasses and menus and random odds and ends from bars which requires having a big handbag! Maybe if I had a smaller bag I'd stop bringing home random crap? Who knows!

6. Flatforms + glitter, enough said!


  1. I just followed your blog! xx