Thursday, 8 November 2012

Winter Maxi

Jacket - Vintage M&S
T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Primark

Apologies first of all for the crappy mirror photo and secondly for the lack of posts recently. The first issue can be explained by the fact that I am currently at home for reading week to get some work done, see my family and get some hours in at the good old Co-op. I've been demoted to a smaller bedroom (my little sister has taken over my nice big double room now!) and the lighting isn't very good and it has this horrible wavy mirror (I can't stand wavy mirrors, really, what is the point?!).

Secondly, I've been having a bit of a personal fail this past week in that on two consecutive nights out I've managed to make a complete idiot of myself and have consequently been hiding in my bedroom and just not bothering with life in general. Anyway, I'm sure a week at home will sort me right out and all my embarrassment will have blown over by the time I get back to Uni, never to be brought up again except perhaps in a casual game of 'I have never'. 

I can't believe I left this skirt AND this jacket at home when I moved back to Uni, such an idiot! They are definitely coming back with me on Sunday! I've actually not worn this maxi yet as it's not really my ~usual~ style, but I've seen lots of people wearing them really well recently so thought I'd give it a go. 

I wore my 'cat and fishbones' tee from Zara (love this, so clever!) in a sort of remembrance of my kitty cat Bagpuss who died yesterday morning. She was really old and so it was to be expected, still it's been a bit sad when I go to open the front door I expect her to come running, and when I look out the kitchen window I expect to see her sitting in the garden. Poor Baggy <3 


  1. Love your primark skirt :)


    1. Thanks! I think they still have it in stock, I'm gonna seek out a black one at some point. I really like your blog btw :) xx

  2. Awww, so sorry to hear about your beloved cat.... nice tribute tee :} x modemadeleine.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Hi Rosie, thanks so much for visting my blog, and for your lovely comment :) Following you back right now! xx

  4. I really love maxi skirts and keep buying them but there's something that always stops me wearing them! In my head I feel like a bit of a diva haha. This looks really cool though :) Thanks for visiting my blog :) Sorry to hear about Bagpuss :( xx