Monday, 15 October 2012


1. Cat tee from Topshop (sold out)
(Blogger has made this image a bit blurry and I'm sorry but it was really clear and lovely in Photoshop I promise!)

1. I actually have a bit of beef with Topshop at the moment over this t-shirt which is a blatant rip-off of the lyrics to Rodeo Town by The Kills. It's not just that they stole their lyrics (which legally I have no idea if they are allowed to do or not but it's the principle of the matter!) but they didn't even choose lyrics that make sense out of context! However when I was mooching I did find this cat t-shirt. Of course to add insult to injury it's sold out, bastards!

2. I really really really want a bowler hat and no I probably wouldn't ever wear it but I've always been mad on hats and glasses since I was little so I really do NEED one just to say I have one.

3. I really like the inverted wedges that are becoming more popular now. I don't really think I could walk in them but look how crazy and over the top and mental they are! LOVE.

4. I've wanted one of these skirts for a while now. I am SO OVER the 'mullet hem' skirts that are EVERYWHERE now, I want one of these to swish around and get caught on things! I might buy a similar one off eBay at some point, we'll see...

5. I just think this could look cute under a collared shirt as a bow tie, or a hair bow on a night out. Quick way to add studs to an outfit without going over the top!

6. I already have the 'prequel' to this necklace (with just the little robot with a heart) that my lovely boyfriend bought for me, but this is so cute! I probably wouldn't actually buy it but I've sent the link to my boyfriend and we'll see if he gets the hint or not!

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  1. nice wishlist!