Monday, 22 October 2012

My Life in Photos #2

I hadn't really used Instagram for a while but since I started blogging more regularly I've picked it up again. I've spent a lot of time in Bristol recently (it's so much more interesting than here!) and the weekend just gone I was there for my boyfriend's 21st birthday which was fun :)

Waiting ages for a train at Temple Meads / I made myself a Powerpuff Girls money jar!

Drawing hearts on the window / What I do when the Internet goes down

The VHC toy boxes my Mum sent me and how I used the spare lid

My Mum also sent me a supply of Fab Fingers, mmm / Josh's birthday cakes

Envelope full of leaflets I got outside the O2 in Bristol / Graphic Design/PR nerd heaven (+ free gum!)

My cheeky Miss Selfridge sale purchases / Pink sky and the view from Josh's window

So miffed I kneeled on my Kindle! / And to top it off my favourite sunglasses broke :(

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