Saturday, 6 October 2012

Me no recommendo

As far as product reviews go I am obviously on a roll today! This is definitely a less-favourable review than the three I posted earlier. I am one disgruntled customer!
I bought this Live Color XXL foam from Boots today for £4, with the plan of dying the underneath of my hair red. I've used lots of the Live XXL colours before but never the foamy ones, I only bought this because there weren't any colours I liked in the regular dyes.

My hair is a medium-darkish brown and pretty much matched the swatch on the side of the pot. In all fairness I actually enjoyed making and using the foam; basically you put a sachet of powder and a bottle of liquid into the pot and shake it up and down 40 times (so precise!) The foam is also very fun to apply, it was like when you're in a bubble bath and you put the bubbles on your head! Although, similarly to bubble bath bubbles, after a while it went runny and started to drip down my neck which was gross and annoying.

So anyway when the time was up I scuttled downstairs to rinse it out in the shower and use the little sachet of conditioner supplied in the tub (and btw why do they always give you sachets with hair dye? I have wet hands/gloves on, am I really going to be able to get into and empty a sachet?!) Then I dried my hair and voila! ...Nope, it was the same colour as before, what a let down! It's not even a little bit red, I'm so miffed! I've emailed the company's customer service and left a bad review on boots.com, as one does.

I don't normally like to badmouth, but I really feel this review is justified! Normally this product costs around £6 and I really hope people see this review and realise that they shouldn't waste their money! Buy the non-foam dyes by Live XXL and you'll be a much happier customer :)

*Update two days later: I washed my hair with some cheap version of Head and Shoulders and the water ran red, so obviously the dye has stuck in my hair. When I dried my hair I noticed that the bottom layer has got a slightly red tint but it's more orange than anything and really not the look I was going for!

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