Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jeepers Creepers

I bet this post title has been done to death by bloggers with creepers! For once, however, I do not care how unoriginal I am being as I am IN LOVE with my new flatforms/creepers from the River Island sale! They are like this shiny pewter colour with a black platform and they are so comfy! I promised myself some creepers at the end of this summer but didn't really have enough money so when I saw these yesterday in Cardiff for £10 I snatched them up straight away. Honestly, I'm surprised they were in the sale as I thought they were still a pretty big deal, shows how much I know about fashion!

This week expect a couple of fancy dress posts as Wednesday is of course Halloween (yay!) and on Sunday I'm out for Carnage with my friends and we're dressing as geeks :D Also hopefully a hair post as I plan to dye my hair this week!

Tonight we are going to the pub quiz (my house are all quiz addicts and darn proud of it!), wish us luck!


  1. Love the dress, absolute steal from Primark.
    (Absolutely love the layout and design btw, it's gorgeous) xx

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I don't really understand blogger's template settings so I've just tried to keep it simple so I don't confuse myself haha! xx

  2. love the cardi :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  3. great outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

  4. Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?


  5. I love pub quizzes!although I'm useless ahha ,such cute shoes :) I want a pair!xx