Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BOO (hoo)


I took these photos this morning before I left for Uni with the intention of jabbering about how clever I am wearing a Halloween-themed outfit the day before Halloween, what with my skull blouse (they have little speech bubbles saying 'WOOO!' haha!) and the fact that I am wearing jeans, a very rare occurrence...

I have now arrived home from Uni seven hours later in excruciating pain! I'm looking (glaring) at you River Island creepers! These are honestly the most painful shoes I've ever worn, and I've broken in Dr Martens before!!  I wore those little footsie socks with them in the hopes that this would help prevent that inevitable 'new shoes blues' but alas, no such luck! I have spent my entire day hobbling and shuffling and limping around campus probably looking more than a little bit special. I'm absolutely devastated because these shoes are BEAUTIFUL! I'm being optimistic and hoping that when (IF) my feet heal the skin will be tougher and we can try again, but maybe only for walking down the stairs and around the house. Sob sob tear.


  1. lovely outfit!

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  2. Hope your enjoying uni, i love the skulls so much - great look x


  3. great pictures

  4. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)