Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BOO (hoo)


I took these photos this morning before I left for Uni with the intention of jabbering about how clever I am wearing a Halloween-themed outfit the day before Halloween, what with my skull blouse (they have little speech bubbles saying 'WOOO!' haha!) and the fact that I am wearing jeans, a very rare occurrence...

I have now arrived home from Uni seven hours later in excruciating pain! I'm looking (glaring) at you River Island creepers! These are honestly the most painful shoes I've ever worn, and I've broken in Dr Martens before!!  I wore those little footsie socks with them in the hopes that this would help prevent that inevitable 'new shoes blues' but alas, no such luck! I have spent my entire day hobbling and shuffling and limping around campus probably looking more than a little bit special. I'm absolutely devastated because these shoes are BEAUTIFUL! I'm being optimistic and hoping that when (IF) my feet heal the skin will be tougher and we can try again, but maybe only for walking down the stairs and around the house. Sob sob tear.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jeepers Creepers

I bet this post title has been done to death by bloggers with creepers! For once, however, I do not care how unoriginal I am being as I am IN LOVE with my new flatforms/creepers from the River Island sale! They are like this shiny pewter colour with a black platform and they are so comfy! I promised myself some creepers at the end of this summer but didn't really have enough money so when I saw these yesterday in Cardiff for £10 I snatched them up straight away. Honestly, I'm surprised they were in the sale as I thought they were still a pretty big deal, shows how much I know about fashion!

This week expect a couple of fancy dress posts as Wednesday is of course Halloween (yay!) and on Sunday I'm out for Carnage with my friends and we're dressing as geeks :D Also hopefully a hair post as I plan to dye my hair this week!

Tonight we are going to the pub quiz (my house are all quiz addicts and darn proud of it!), wish us luck!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vintage Velvet

I haven't really posted any outfits recently because I've been busy and wearing lazy clothes (read: being a tramp and wearing the same skirt and men's top all weekend). I'm trying to make my posts a bit more about my life and not just constant outfit pics. This is a kind of wishlist/inspiration/feature and I'd like to know if people want to see this kind of thing or if you prefer outfits :)

I pretty much wept constantly whilst making this because these clothes are all AMAZING and I really just don't have any money at the moment. (Side note: my housemate and I raided the Tesco reduced section today, 55p pizzas and 35p brownie mix I can't say no to you). I really like velvet in outfits as it adds this luxurious feel while not feeling too ~dressy~.

(From top left, clockwise)

I think all these different pieces show how versatile and easy to wear velvet can be. The Oxford shirt would be wonderful with a black bodycon skirt, heels and a bandeau underneath for a night out. The corduroy jacket would be great over a girly dress to add a bit of grunge and texture, and it looks really cozy too! I love the jumper and I would totally wear it with leggings because I'm lazy. If I had any patterned leggings (leopard print would be my preference) I think they'd look amazing with it!

The cage back dress looks really glamorous and probably too nice for me (I tend to go between lectures and the pub!) but it would be nice for a Christmas party. Same for the babydoll dress although that would be easier to 'daytime up' with a denim jacket and tights. My favourite is probably the burgundy skirt because of the colour and the fact that it's handmade! I'm also slightly coveting the model's skinny legs and cute tights!

Monday, 22 October 2012

My Life in Photos #2

I hadn't really used Instagram for a while but since I started blogging more regularly I've picked it up again. I've spent a lot of time in Bristol recently (it's so much more interesting than here!) and the weekend just gone I was there for my boyfriend's 21st birthday which was fun :)

Waiting ages for a train at Temple Meads / I made myself a Powerpuff Girls money jar!

Drawing hearts on the window / What I do when the Internet goes down

The VHC toy boxes my Mum sent me and how I used the spare lid

My Mum also sent me a supply of Fab Fingers, mmm / Josh's birthday cakes

Envelope full of leaflets I got outside the O2 in Bristol / Graphic Design/PR nerd heaven (+ free gum!)

My cheeky Miss Selfridge sale purchases / Pink sky and the view from Josh's window

So miffed I kneeled on my Kindle! / And to top it off my favourite sunglasses broke :(

Saturday, 20 October 2012

URA Fever

Blouse: Chelsea Girl @ River Island
Bandeau underneath: Primark
Necklace: Accessorize via bf
Skirt: Topshop via eBay
(Scheduled post)

As this post appears I will be probably sleeping off a night of drinking for my boyfriend's 21st birthday. A bunch of his friends are coming down to Bristol for a bit of a pub crawl and eventually a night in the O2. And one of my favourite girlies Hannah who lives in Bristol is coming too so I'm doubly excited! I haven't been on a night out in three weeks (seriously) as I've not been feeling very well and we're all a bit too lazy to organise anything properly to be honest!

This top was a sale bargain I found yesterday, only £7! I've never really been in to the whole clashing patterns thing but I guess this is a subtle way of doing it. I was going to wear a jewelled collar (similar to this) with it which looked sososo nice but it's gone all frayed at the edges and I didn't want to risk breaking it before I've had chance to fix it :(

Ps. I don't know why the first photo is so overexposed, it's actually pretty dark in my room today, weird!

Monday, 15 October 2012


1. Cat tee from Topshop (sold out)
(Blogger has made this image a bit blurry and I'm sorry but it was really clear and lovely in Photoshop I promise!)

1. I actually have a bit of beef with Topshop at the moment over this t-shirt which is a blatant rip-off of the lyrics to Rodeo Town by The Kills. It's not just that they stole their lyrics (which legally I have no idea if they are allowed to do or not but it's the principle of the matter!) but they didn't even choose lyrics that make sense out of context! However when I was mooching I did find this cat t-shirt. Of course to add insult to injury it's sold out, bastards!

2. I really really really want a bowler hat and no I probably wouldn't ever wear it but I've always been mad on hats and glasses since I was little so I really do NEED one just to say I have one.

3. I really like the inverted wedges that are becoming more popular now. I don't really think I could walk in them but look how crazy and over the top and mental they are! LOVE.

4. I've wanted one of these skirts for a while now. I am SO OVER the 'mullet hem' skirts that are EVERYWHERE now, I want one of these to swish around and get caught on things! I might buy a similar one off eBay at some point, we'll see...

5. I just think this could look cute under a collared shirt as a bow tie, or a hair bow on a night out. Quick way to add studs to an outfit without going over the top!

6. I already have the 'prequel' to this necklace (with just the little robot with a heart) that my lovely boyfriend bought for me, but this is so cute! I probably wouldn't actually buy it but I've sent the link to my boyfriend and we'll see if he gets the hint or not!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Just bend the pieces 'til they fit

Cardi: Charity shop
Top: H&M
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Skeleton necklace: Accessorize via eBay

This cardi is another charity shop bargain. I was in desperate need of a new long black cardi as my old tatty Primark one has gone missing, It was seriously so tatty, it probably just crumbled after one-too-many washes! I love that this cardi has gold buttons, so granny-ish/vintage/whatever you want to call it. My Mum would just call it 'frumpy' haha.

I love this skeleton necklace. You can't tell in the photos but it's fully jointed and it glows in the dark! It's like a buddy for my robot necklace (which I've left in Bristol at my boyfriend's house, boooo).

I've been super ill this week. Well actually for about three weeks now. At first I thought I just had a bit of the old Freshers Flu but it still hasn't gone away, it's just evolved into a really sore throat that keeps me up all night (although that might be something to do with the fact that I sleep all day...) and no medication or amount of ice lollies will soothe it :( I thought that getting dressed up today might make me feel better but it hasn't really. 

We might be going to the pub quiz tonight to spread our germs (most of my housemates are sick too with different variations of a cold) and try and win the £100 that is rightfully ours (we won a crate of booze last week but gambled and lost. I mean seriously, nobody really knows/cares what Tiger Woods' real name is anyway, and I thought 'Tony' was a pretty smart guess!)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nose over tail

(Scheduled post as I am visiting my bf in Bristol)
Parka: H&M via charity shop 
Metallic jumper: H&M
Shirt underneath: Primark
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: H&M

I went food shopping today and accidentally went into a few charity shops on my way to Iceland. Happy days though, I got some SRS barginz, one being this H&M parka for £4.90. I've wanted a khaki parka (so much fun to say out loud!) for about three years since they first started appearing in the shops but have never been able to find one I liked/could afford. This one isn't perfect as it isn't lined and doesn't have a hood but I'm pleased as it's a really good nod to this season's military trend, and it's roomy enough to fit a hoodie under anyway!

And as if I wasn't on trend enough with my military-style coat, I've also got a metallic jumper on! I feel so cool haha. I've had this jumper for about a year and it's so soft and snuggly. I also felt it would be appropriate to add some colour to my outfit (I don't normally do bright colours like, ever) with this crosses necklace from Miss Selfridge. It's really cute but it clings to my jumper sometimes and goes in a weird shape as you can see in the second photo. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Slam Dunk

T-shirt: Slam Dunk Festival 2012 in Cardiff SU
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: Wallis
Scarf: Asos
Kitty cat watch: Asos

I love this t-shirt! As I was saying in my last outfit post, I like to buy band t-shirts in a men's large so they are nice and baggy and comfy. This one is long enough to wear with leggings but that looks a bit scruffy to actually leave the house so I've gone for tights and a little skirt instead.

I'm sure everyone's seen this cat watch floating around blogs and the like. I love it so much but it's not really as good quality as I'd hoped. The pin that you turn to change the time (does it have an official name?) has gone a funny colour and last week the strap broke and I had to pay £8 to get a new one, annoying :/ 

I don't know if it bothers anyone except me but I've blurred out the background of my photos as all my junk was visible! My bedroom is seriously lacking in storage and until I get my new shelves fitted (soon hopefully!) my stuff is just scattered around in corners and behind the door.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Me no recommendo

As far as product reviews go I am obviously on a roll today! This is definitely a less-favourable review than the three I posted earlier. I am one disgruntled customer!
I bought this Live Color XXL foam from Boots today for £4, with the plan of dying the underneath of my hair red. I've used lots of the Live XXL colours before but never the foamy ones, I only bought this because there weren't any colours I liked in the regular dyes.

My hair is a medium-darkish brown and pretty much matched the swatch on the side of the pot. In all fairness I actually enjoyed making and using the foam; basically you put a sachet of powder and a bottle of liquid into the pot and shake it up and down 40 times (so precise!) The foam is also very fun to apply, it was like when you're in a bubble bath and you put the bubbles on your head! Although, similarly to bubble bath bubbles, after a while it went runny and started to drip down my neck which was gross and annoying.

So anyway when the time was up I scuttled downstairs to rinse it out in the shower and use the little sachet of conditioner supplied in the tub (and btw why do they always give you sachets with hair dye? I have wet hands/gloves on, am I really going to be able to get into and empty a sachet?!) Then I dried my hair and voila! ...Nope, it was the same colour as before, what a let down! It's not even a little bit red, I'm so miffed! I've emailed the company's customer service and left a bad review on boots.com, as one does.

I don't normally like to badmouth, but I really feel this review is justified! Normally this product costs around £6 and I really hope people see this review and realise that they shouldn't waste their money! Buy the non-foam dyes by Live XXL and you'll be a much happier customer :)

*Update two days later: I washed my hair with some cheap version of Head and Shoulders and the water ran red, so obviously the dye has stuck in my hair. When I dried my hair I noticed that the bottom layer has got a slightly red tint but it's more orange than anything and really not the look I was going for!

Mini reviews

I don't buy new beauty products very often, I generally follow the rule 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and if I like a product, why would I risk wasting money on another brand that might not be as good? Occasionally if I see a really good review for something I'll be tempted, so I figured that I might work up some good karma by actually GIVING reviews rather than just reading them!

Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser (£5.25)
Over the past few months I have put a lot of effort into regularly epilating my legs (it takes longer than shaving and is SO TEDIOUS haha) so that the hair will grow back thinner and need removing less often. Well I can report back that from a distance my legs look smoother for longer but up close they don't look much different. I bought this moisturiser to use in between epilations(?!) to try and make my leg hairs grow back slower and already (I've been using it every day for about a week) it seems to be doing the trick! I don't know how well it would cope with shaved-off hair as that grows back thicker but I definitely think it's worth trying if you (like me) are too lazy to go about the hair removal process every single day. Also it smells like kids' sun cream which makes me really happy!

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant (~£5)
I've never found an anti-perspirant that I really liked. I have sensitive underarms but the sprays and roll-ons designed for sensitive skin don't seem to be strong enough for me, so I'd always have to consider what I was wearing based on how sweaty I'd get rather than what I WANTED to wear, yano? Well this anti-perspirant, though pretty expensive, is really really good at what it does. It claims to last for 48 hours but I find I have to apply it in the evening before bed AND in the morning after a shower to get the full effect, but it's not like it takes much effort and it's so nice to be able to wear whatever I want and not have to worry that I might have to run up the stairs to my lecture on the third floor!

Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair Undressing Creme (~£16 from Amazon)
This hair creme seems to be pretty big in the blog world at the moment and I think this hype is definitely justified. My hair is really awkward; it's thin but I have lots of it. If I don't use anything volumising in it, it looks so limp and sad and pathetic. As it is, I currently shampoo my hair with Head and Shoulders/similar, condition the ends ONLY with Tresemme (this helps them stay in good condition without making my roots look greasy), whack some heat defence spray on and then rub a 10p-sized amount of this creme through my hair (again avoiding the roots) and blow dry. It makes my hair an insane bushy mess but with a bit of detangling spray and a Tangle Teezer it's just lovely and textured without looking dirty or flyaway. This is the most money I think I've ever paid for a hair product but I can't recommend it enough, and the Amazon price was such a bargain compared to the RRP.

Friday, 5 October 2012

You are the smell before rain

Brand New t-shirt: Bought at a gig in February
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Major stash of squash and bottled water: Tesco LOL

Pretty basic outfit but I've never worn this t-shirt before so I felt I should share it! I usually try to buy my band t-shirts in a Mens Large so I can wear them with leggings, but the guy at the merch stand at Brand New convinced me that a medium would be big enough. Well he was wrong! It's definitely not long enough to wear with leggings and retain dignity at the same time! But it looks pretty good with this skirt and my chunky maroon cardi from Topman :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Floaty top: H&M
Black vest (underneath:) River Island, super super old
Robot necklace: River Island c/o lovely boyfriend
Cardi: Tesco
Leggings: George

Finally a new outfit post! I've been super busy recently; I went to Mallorca with my girly friends and then pretty much as soon as I got home I had to pack up to move into my new Uni house! My new room is lovely, it's so big and bright! The only downside is I'm not allowed to put up posters on the walls but I've blu-tacked pictures to pretty much ever non-painted surface haha.

I love this top, it was super cheap from eBay and it's so easy to wear. Here I'm wearing it with a River Island vest underneath but I've worn it on nights out with a black bandeau underneath and a black bodycon skirt.

I can't wait to upload lots of new outfit posts now that I've got a good space in my room to take them and decent lighting. And now that I'm not just working at the Co-op every day I actually get to wear nice clothes!