Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Life in Photos

I have mixed feelings about Instagram. I've always been very against people making fake Polaroids and using fake Holga-esque effects because it means that the film industry is becoming more obsolete. However I like the idea of an app just for sharing photos, and the fact that people care about the mundane little parts of my life (even if it is just because they are a bit blurry and washed out and therefore 'artistic') makes me a bit proud ;)

Bought some AMAZING sparkly Chelsea boots from Matalan, wanted some like these forever (they're just SO Alison Mosshart it hurts!) Also painted my nails rainbow-leopard stylee (idea pinched from llymlrs)

Skeleton cameo I found on eBay that my Mama doesn't approve of haha. And I've been living off these smoothies all weekend as I've been poorly :( 

Pretty necklace my lovely boyfriend bought me from Accessorize. And in return I vandalised his ancient TV with dinosaur stickers from Paperchase :)