Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New shoes

Yesterday I went into town to buy some supplies for Beach Break this weekend! I also ended up buying two new pairs of shoes! I was looking for some crappy black pumps that it didn't matter if I wrecked a little bit at the festival but managed to find these hidden behind some flip flops in H&M and I just had to buy them! Definitely not taking them with me tomorrow, they're too nice!

I also had a top to return (New Look seriously need to sort their sizing out!) but it was exchange only so I ended up getting these espadrilles. I have never been a fan of these kinds of shoes but I thought they'd be handy for the beach when I go on holiday, and they were only £7.

I also got a major bargain in Boots, some Eylure lashes on clearance £1.06! Annoyingly they only had 'underlashes' left but I bought a few packs anyway because their glue is so good!

Also I bought Models Own High Define liquid eyeliner, which has proved to be pretty impressive so I might do a review of it next week when I'm back from Beach Break!

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