Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beach Break Live 2012

As I mentioned previously, I spent this weekend (Wednesday - Monday) at Beach Break Festival in South Wales. I volunteered there as a steward to gain some events-related work experience and in return I got a free ticket. My job basically involved standing around by gates stopping people coming in/out or hovering around by tents in case people want to ask a question. 

Overall I didn't really enjoy my time there. I found the work to be really boring and I was left alone for a lot of it. Also the weather was AWFUL. According to local radio reports we had up to 50mph winds and a month's worth of rain over three days. The only nice days (when the photos in this post were taken) were the day we arrived and the day we left, typical Britain!

I did get to see Chase and Status which was fun, and I met some really nice people, but I really wouldn't recommend working as a steward at a festival unless you are getting paid. For me the free ticket wasn't enough because I wasn't really into any of the bands or things that were going on. Also I have a really short attention span so standing around on my own for up to 8 hours at a time made me want to die a little bit.

I'm not one to give up easily and I'm also sickeningly optimistic, so I am stewarding again at Camp Bestival in July (I'd already applied before Beach Break!) so maybe it will be better and I will change my opinion of volunteering. We'll see...

At least I got some nice photos out of it :)

All these photos were taken with a cheapy disposable camera from Boots. I've learned from this set that I need to use the viewfinder more often!

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