Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Two dresses

I suppose I should start with a brief description of Saturday night's events. Josh bought me a bottle of wine for £7.90 and then proceeded to drink half of it. Mixed in with the several pints of San Miguel and Stella he drank, you can guess that the night did not end well. I'll just say that he owes a lot to the kind policewoman who offered him and his family a lift home. I ended up with a Maccies and a £13 taxi ride back to Josh's (via the houses of three other people I know vaguely from work) two hours later.

Anyway, tonight I am off out again, this time for a proper drink/party session! I have two dresses that I haven't worn yet. One is a lovely studded shift dress bought in the sale from H&M in a size 16 (£7). However if I tie it right it looks really nice (well I think it does anyway!). As you can see, in the first photo I'm wearing it just as it comes and in the second I have worked my magic (it came with a little ribbon-y belt), much better!

My second option is this lovely lacy dress I got a while ago in the New Look sale. It's one-shouldered and I just really love it. And it was also only £7! Bargains :D

(Watch necklace: River Island, lipstick: Starry Eyed by Rimmel with a bit of Showbiz by 17 smudged over the top. I love mixing lipsticks!)

I think I'm going to wear the lacy dress as I have some fairly perfect shoes lined up to go with it.

I bought them in Cardiff last year from Blue Banana. They are incredible! Sadly though the stars are only stick-on and some of mine have fallen off, but no worries as they are really comfy and still awesome!

Last but not least, my nails for today:

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've been taken in by this 'galaxy' trend, but there you go. I'm waiting for the knock-off Black Milk galaxy leggings to come to the high street, as $75 is a bit steep for leggings in my opinion! Here I just did a layer of Barry M Navy, then a sponged on a cheap shiny pink, then blue glitter, then pink glitter (all three from my huge nail art pen/brush collection, thanks eBay!). It was hard to capture the sparkly-ness with my camera but this is the best photo I could get! If I had some starry confetti I'd probably whack some of that on them too ;)

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