Saturday, 23 July 2011

Birthday drinks

Tonight we are going out for Josh's Dad's 50th birthday. Not a huge night out, just a few drinks in Monty's. I was originally planning to sneak a bottle of 'water' (read: Malibu) in and just buy lemonade all night but Lynsey has informed me that you can get a bottle of wine from Monty's for about £6 so I think I'll stick to the rules and just buy myself a bottle! Plus I'll only have to queue once and it is a Saturday after all.

I was originally going to wear my H&M sack-looking dress as a top with a bodycon skirt but this morning a recent eBay purchase arrived at the door and it's so nice that I decided I must wear it tonight! I have had a bit of a palaver with the underwear, my stick-on bra has lost its stickyness so I've had to attach my normal bra to one of the strappy bits on the back of the dress to avoid the dreaded bra mis-alignment. Haha!

(Dress: Topshop via eBay, pearl-style necklace: Topshop, silver-style necklace: Accessorize, bow headband: Claire's Accessories)
Apologies for the blurriness, my camera apparently didn't want to auto-focus. You get the idea though.

Although I am wearing necklaces, this dress does allow a glimpse of my newest tattoo. Here is a better picture, which also allows a glimpse of my new top from Asda!

I am so uninspired by my hair at the moment. I actually hate it a little bit. I almost always wear it tied up, when it's down it just looks flat and stiff and it doesn't swish like I want it to at all! I need it to growwww! D:

Other goings on this week:

Josh and some of my other friends were on Deal or No Deal! I applied for five audience tickets last year and in February they rang me about a week before the show was filmed and asked me if I was available. I had to work so I missed it but Ashley, Tom, Stacey, Bethany and Josh went instead and now they are famous and I'm not!! We saw Josh loads, people were texting him and sending him fb posts saying 'I've just seen you on telly!' haha. It was awesome.

I won the most amazing cardi on eBay. It's Topshop and I desperately wanted it when it was originally in the shops but those were days when I didn't have a job. I won it for £12.50 when originally it was £45! It's black with gold beads/studs. Mmmm <3

My nails at present:

They're a bit chipped because I did them on Wednesday but I've had a fair few compliments, which is always appreciated!

I think this post has been a bit wordy so I'll leave it there!

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