Saturday, 30 July 2011

Big spender

Just a short post of photos of a few things I've bought recently :)

Ring from H&M. I also bought a set of Halloween rings but didn't get a good photo of them, here is a link to a better picture I found via google.

Stripy top from Zara. Don't judge me for wearing jeggings, I'm having a lazy day!

And this is my lazy day outfit! I bought this Primark top from the mens section yesterday, only £1! I wanted more but they didn't have any nice colours in the size I wanted :(
(Stripy vest from H&M and jeggings from Next ages ago.)

And finally this beautiful cardi I mentioned in a previous post, I got it for under £13 from eBay and originally I think it retailed at between £45 and £50 (Topshop). So pleased with myself :)

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