Monday, 4 July 2011

Be my heater be my lover

(M&S cardi, Republic (Miso) playsuit, Punky Pins 'kissing kids' necklace)

Just a quick post today. It's been ridiculously hot the past week or so and I can't handle hot weather at all. Every morning is like a battle with my (predominantly winter-appropriate) wardrobe. Yesterday I went on a long walk/scavenger hunt-type event with the Girl Guides and I wore my baggy Guides top and high-waisted shorts. I never do bare legs so it had to be see-through tights. I have no body confidence :/

Today I have college and I dug out this playsuit that I wore once and one of the straps broke so I never wore it again. This morning, in sheer desperation I stitched it back up and remembered how flattering it is :) Also I found my long lost Topshop swallows necklace in the pocket which was awesome!

At the moment the sun has gone behind a cloud so I feel it is okay to be wearing a cardi. And I went for black tights 'coz see-through meant there was just a bit too much flesh on show!

Later on I'll upload a photo of the amazing dress I found in a charity shop on Saturday :D

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