Saturday, 30 July 2011

Big spender

Just a short post of photos of a few things I've bought recently :)

Ring from H&M. I also bought a set of Halloween rings but didn't get a good photo of them, here is a link to a better picture I found via google.

Stripy top from Zara. Don't judge me for wearing jeggings, I'm having a lazy day!

And this is my lazy day outfit! I bought this Primark top from the mens section yesterday, only £1! I wanted more but they didn't have any nice colours in the size I wanted :(
(Stripy vest from H&M and jeggings from Next ages ago.)

And finally this beautiful cardi I mentioned in a previous post, I got it for under £13 from eBay and originally I think it retailed at between £45 and £50 (Topshop). So pleased with myself :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Two dresses

I suppose I should start with a brief description of Saturday night's events. Josh bought me a bottle of wine for £7.90 and then proceeded to drink half of it. Mixed in with the several pints of San Miguel and Stella he drank, you can guess that the night did not end well. I'll just say that he owes a lot to the kind policewoman who offered him and his family a lift home. I ended up with a Maccies and a £13 taxi ride back to Josh's (via the houses of three other people I know vaguely from work) two hours later.

Anyway, tonight I am off out again, this time for a proper drink/party session! I have two dresses that I haven't worn yet. One is a lovely studded shift dress bought in the sale from H&M in a size 16 (£7). However if I tie it right it looks really nice (well I think it does anyway!). As you can see, in the first photo I'm wearing it just as it comes and in the second I have worked my magic (it came with a little ribbon-y belt), much better!

My second option is this lovely lacy dress I got a while ago in the New Look sale. It's one-shouldered and I just really love it. And it was also only £7! Bargains :D

(Watch necklace: River Island, lipstick: Starry Eyed by Rimmel with a bit of Showbiz by 17 smudged over the top. I love mixing lipsticks!)

I think I'm going to wear the lacy dress as I have some fairly perfect shoes lined up to go with it.

I bought them in Cardiff last year from Blue Banana. They are incredible! Sadly though the stars are only stick-on and some of mine have fallen off, but no worries as they are really comfy and still awesome!

Last but not least, my nails for today:

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've been taken in by this 'galaxy' trend, but there you go. I'm waiting for the knock-off Black Milk galaxy leggings to come to the high street, as $75 is a bit steep for leggings in my opinion! Here I just did a layer of Barry M Navy, then a sponged on a cheap shiny pink, then blue glitter, then pink glitter (all three from my huge nail art pen/brush collection, thanks eBay!). It was hard to capture the sparkly-ness with my camera but this is the best photo I could get! If I had some starry confetti I'd probably whack some of that on them too ;)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Birthday drinks

Tonight we are going out for Josh's Dad's 50th birthday. Not a huge night out, just a few drinks in Monty's. I was originally planning to sneak a bottle of 'water' (read: Malibu) in and just buy lemonade all night but Lynsey has informed me that you can get a bottle of wine from Monty's for about £6 so I think I'll stick to the rules and just buy myself a bottle! Plus I'll only have to queue once and it is a Saturday after all.

I was originally going to wear my H&M sack-looking dress as a top with a bodycon skirt but this morning a recent eBay purchase arrived at the door and it's so nice that I decided I must wear it tonight! I have had a bit of a palaver with the underwear, my stick-on bra has lost its stickyness so I've had to attach my normal bra to one of the strappy bits on the back of the dress to avoid the dreaded bra mis-alignment. Haha!

(Dress: Topshop via eBay, pearl-style necklace: Topshop, silver-style necklace: Accessorize, bow headband: Claire's Accessories)
Apologies for the blurriness, my camera apparently didn't want to auto-focus. You get the idea though.

Although I am wearing necklaces, this dress does allow a glimpse of my newest tattoo. Here is a better picture, which also allows a glimpse of my new top from Asda!

I am so uninspired by my hair at the moment. I actually hate it a little bit. I almost always wear it tied up, when it's down it just looks flat and stiff and it doesn't swish like I want it to at all! I need it to growwww! D:

Other goings on this week:

Josh and some of my other friends were on Deal or No Deal! I applied for five audience tickets last year and in February they rang me about a week before the show was filmed and asked me if I was available. I had to work so I missed it but Ashley, Tom, Stacey, Bethany and Josh went instead and now they are famous and I'm not!! We saw Josh loads, people were texting him and sending him fb posts saying 'I've just seen you on telly!' haha. It was awesome.

I won the most amazing cardi on eBay. It's Topshop and I desperately wanted it when it was originally in the shops but those were days when I didn't have a job. I won it for £12.50 when originally it was £45! It's black with gold beads/studs. Mmmm <3

My nails at present:

They're a bit chipped because I did them on Wednesday but I've had a fair few compliments, which is always appreciated!

I think this post has been a bit wordy so I'll leave it there!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

She's dressed to kill, I don't know what to wear

(Blouse -Topshop, 'leather' jacket - Next, jeans -had them for ages, maybe Matalan?, bow - Claire's Accessories)

Josh and I are going to a barbeque later at one of his work friends' houses. From what I've heard the past few have been pretty fun so I'm excited. I've got a bottle of pink wine for civilised afternoon/evening conversation and then a bottle of raspberry Sourz for later on ;) haha!

Recently I have been channelling my inner emo child. It sounds so lame but it feels more like the 'real me'. I've been hunting for my checkerboard Vans (which I wanted to wear with today's outfit) but sadly I think they are long gone :( I am totally getting some new ones. I'm also craving some Topshop creepers (below)

but alas, my new budgeting scheme is preventing me from splashing out. This is probably a good thing though!

We went to see Harry Potter at midnight on Thurs/Friday and although we were going to dress up (I wanted to rock a pink bow like Umbridge and Josh would have made an awesome Hagrid!) thankfully we didn't get it together because nobody else was dressed up! I did my nails in a somewhat 'magical' style though:

(Betty Blues by No7, cheapy gold glitter pen from eBay. Please excuse the splodgies!)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Be my heater be my lover

(M&S cardi, Republic (Miso) playsuit, Punky Pins 'kissing kids' necklace)

Just a quick post today. It's been ridiculously hot the past week or so and I can't handle hot weather at all. Every morning is like a battle with my (predominantly winter-appropriate) wardrobe. Yesterday I went on a long walk/scavenger hunt-type event with the Girl Guides and I wore my baggy Guides top and high-waisted shorts. I never do bare legs so it had to be see-through tights. I have no body confidence :/

Today I have college and I dug out this playsuit that I wore once and one of the straps broke so I never wore it again. This morning, in sheer desperation I stitched it back up and remembered how flattering it is :) Also I found my long lost Topshop swallows necklace in the pocket which was awesome!

At the moment the sun has gone behind a cloud so I feel it is okay to be wearing a cardi. And I went for black tights 'coz see-through meant there was just a bit too much flesh on show!

Later on I'll upload a photo of the amazing dress I found in a charity shop on Saturday :D