Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Charity Shop Haul

Today I got up pretty early to get a lift into town with my sister on her way to college.
Here is my outfit of the day:

(Asos t-shirt, H&M skirt. Also wore my trusty denim jacket from Topshop and studded New Look pumps.)
I have no idea what my hair is doing today. Stupid hair.

I had some stuff to return to H&M where I also got a new skirt and some flip-flops, then I went around a few shops and then I went on a huge charity shop mission. First of all I bought a Celia Birtwell tea tray from Hope House. It's only little, maybe enough for two cups of tea but I might use it for something else, not sure what yet. It was only £1.75.

Then I went around a few more shops but they mostly just had clothes. And as much as I love clothes, I never really seem to find much that I like in charity shops. Shame. In Sue Ryder Care I almost bought a really cute round mustard-coloured teapot. It was lovely but not really amazing. I decided that I would be needing a teapot for Uni though so I stuck it on my list of things I was looking for.

In the British Heart Foundation I struck teapot gold! (Also trackie bottom gold but that's not nearly as exciting). It was labeled '99p damaged' but I inspected it and the lady behind the till inspected it and all we could find was a teeny chip inside the lid. Although I haven't tested it so maybe it leaks. But it's still amazing...

Haha! How adorable! Even my Dad approves.

I went around a few more charity shops after that but didn't find much except a DVD. Here is a photo of my purchases (minus nail varnish remover haha).

(Fun With Dick and Jane DVD, black trackie bottoms - George via British Heart Foundation, H&M skirt and flip flops, Look and Grazia magazines)

Then I got the bus home and I made a (veggie) fish finger sandwich and watched Desperate Housewives. I feel like it has been a very productive day! Pleased :)