Saturday, 30 April 2011

I've neglected this blog a bit, having not done anything very interesting. Here are a few nail art photos from the past weeks:

My multi-coloured dots'Skittles' nails I did for my little sister

Also here is a nice photo of me and Josh at our picnic the other day :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I believe in waking up together

Title: Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem

This morning I woke up at Josh's house which was nice. I took some photos of his cats while he was in the shower because I was bored. The grey one is called Fluffy and the other one is called Tilly. He also has one called Charlie who I couldn't find.

In the afternoon I went shopping. I bought myself a new watch because my old one broke. It is blue and massively tacky, and I decided that I needed some nail varnish to match it
Watch: Identity from Argos. Nail varnish: No 17 in 'Sea Breeze' and cheapy white eBay nail art pen.

I also bought 'Mint Choc Chip' and 'Orange Soda' nail varnishes because they were 3 for 2 :) Then I bought a t-shirt with bananas on from H&M, some pants for Josh in the Topman sale and this cute necklace for £2 from River Island.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day

So today was Mothers Day. We took my Nan and my Gran to church and then out for a meal. There was a sign in the church that said 'God doesn't have a mobile phone, turn yours off and try praying instead' haha.

This is what I wore:
Dress from Tesco, £18 but I had a voucher.

This is how I had my nails today:

Grey base: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Wham. Nail art pens: eBay job lot. Cheapy cheap.
This grey nail varnish is absolutely appalling. I have a yellow one of the same brand and they both chip after a few hours of wearing them. I usually paint my nails before bed so they can 100% dry by the next day, but this had chipped by the time I woke up. Shocked.

Anyway. This is what I had for our meal, vegetable potato cakes and chips, then I had sticky toffee pudding. The one with custard is mine, the one with butterscotch sauce is my sister's. I think mine was better presented but hers tasted nicer!

And last of all, here is the cute little church we visited on the way home. It was very creaky and musty inside and I couldn't get a good picture but it was very quaint and a bit spooky.